Folk Remedies

Mint tea.Benefit.Properties.Harm.Peppermint tea with honey .

Hello dear readers.Today I want to tell you what is useful mint tea.It's summer, and there was a fresh mint, I love the smell and taste.Peppermint tea with honey is generally something.Very tasty, healthy and flavored drink is obtained.This drink perfectly soothes and, as they say, brings tho...
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Figs with milk of cough .

Hello dear readers.Let's talk today about natural cough medicine.Today recipe will include figs and milk.For me, just exotic figs, appears in the sale of our times a year and is sold on the strength of a week, it is with regard to fresh figs.But dry not such a rarity, and you can find it all ...
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How to get rid of hiccups quickly.Causes of hiccups .

Hello dear readers.Recently read how to get rid of hiccups, caught my eye this information.Something immediately remembered my mother as a child said that it is necessary to say with hiccups."Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedotov, with Fedot at Jacob with Jacob at all."But it does not always work.We ...
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How to whiten your teeth with baking soda at home.

Hello readers.Probably each of us has ever thought that it is time to whiten teeth.I remember, as a teenager, watching the smile "Hollywood stars" in magazines, too, I wanted to imagine a dazzling smile.Soda served as a means for whitening teeth, I bleached teeth with soda.In fact, baking sod...
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Honey useful properties and contraindications

Today I want to share with you information about natural bee honey.I recently read the book "Insects are the man."The book describes not only bees, but also on other insects.The material feed is very interesting, it begins the book with a story about bees.On the beneficial properties of honey...
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