Gastrointestinal Tract

How to remove bad breath .

Hello, dear readers.Today I want to talk about how to remove bad breath.It is possible to say now the problem of the century and suffer this problem a lot of people.Bad breath is a signal of our body that something in the body is not in order.With the exception of the cases, if a person ate s...
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Heartburn.Treatment of folk remedies .

Hello, dear blog read traditional medicine.We continue to talk about health.Today I would like to touch on a topic such as heartburn and acid reflux treatment of folk remedies.I do not know firsthand what heartburn more than once confronted with this problem.Heartburn can occur especially aft...
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intestinal dysbiosis.Treatment of folk remedies .

Hello dear readers.intestinal dysbiosis, treatment of folk remedies, today will touch on the topic of dysbiosis.intestinal dysbiosis is not pleasant when constantly rumbling in the abdomen, and besides, more and discomfort.I am very familiar, especially after taking antibiotics or stress, man...
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Hello dear friends.Gallstone disease is put in the case of the formation of gallstones.Recently, this diagnosis has become very common.This is not surprising, very few people in our time watching their health and nutrition.A lot of my friends live without a gallbladder.Even my grandmother rem...
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Hello dear readers.Today I have a conversation regarding health.Lately a lot of talk about beauty secrets.It's time to talk about the health secrets.The topic I have today concerns heartburn.I think many familiar with not only the word but also the symptoms.What is heartburn I know very well....
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