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Cracks on the lips , treatment.

Hello dear readers.Today we will talk about such unpleasant problem as cracks on the lips, consider the treatment of cracks on the lips of the people's means.Unfortunately, it happens that on the lips sometimes cracks, peeling and redness. This occurs most often from drying out the lips, und...
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How to treat insect bites .

Hello dear readers.Today let's talk about what to treat insect bites.It's summer and so often want to be in nature, to relax, roast barbecue.Insects, too, this year more than ever, especially mosquitoes.Let's talk about than to treat stings of wasps, mosquitoes, bees ... not only butterflies ...
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If the weather-beaten lips, what to do ?Treatment.

Hello dear readers.We already have the cold weather, although it has promised warming and "Indian Summer".Wake up to believe and hope, and the wind is strong and very cold.Today I would like to touch on chapped lips.I think that the problem faced by many.How to solve the problem of chapped li...
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What to do with sunburn

Hello dear readers.We have a warm, spring is not far off the hot summer.And so it happens that out of ignorance, or desire great tan, you can get a sunburn.All this is painful and unpleasant.So what to do with sunburn?Of course, with sunburn should immediately take action.When I was a few yea...
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Allergy to the sun

Hello dear readers.Summer has arrived, which means hot days ahead.I love the heat, summer, so much fresh berries and herbs gives us the summer.Someone is resting on the sea in the summer, and some in the country.A few years ago I was faced with an allergy to the sun.And before there was nothi...
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