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Glameliya bracelet for bridesmaids .Workshop Tamara Chervinskaya

Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to the next competition work.Thank you, that send their work and they are all wonderful.Master class prepared Tamara.This bracelet fiamirana.To be honest, we did not meet a similar material.Looks gorgeous bracelet.I give the floor to Tamara, sh...
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Bunny on her finger .Masterclass Anna Koroljuk

Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to another master-class that we sent Anna Koroljuk.This is the fourth work of Ani.Anna all the work interesting, neat, clear.All can easily be repeated if there is a desire.Today I want to introduce a toy for children - bunny on her finger.This...
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Wreath foamirana .Master Class

Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to the next competition work.Master class prepared Tamara Chervinskaya.This wreath of foamirana.Delicate, beautiful, spring wreath.See for yourself what a miracle.I am pleased to give the floor to Tamara, now it will tell you how to make a wrea...
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Decoupage wooden eggs

Hello dear readers.Today we made decoupage wooden eggs for Easter.Decoupage is a very simple and fun.Work sharing with you.It is beautiful, simple and fast.I share with you the MC, and perhaps you have a desire to make such beauty, the more that work with step by step photos.Of course before ...
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How to decorate eggs for Easter .Interesting ideas

Hello dear readers.I want to share with you the original ideas of how to decorate eggs for Easter.Easter light and everyone's favorite holiday, when the family, relatives and friends get together at a large table.All congratulate each other on the holiday.Day so special and memorable.Make a d...
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Easter egg of the twine with his own hands

Hello dear readers.We already blooming tulips, beauty unreal.In the air, the smell of spring flowers, lush green grass.Soon lilac blossom.I hope you and happy spring beauty and warm.Today I want to share a very simple master-class.Soon Easter, and we continue to do crafts of wooden eggs for t...
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Pins from foamirana " Pink Poppy"

Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to a master class, which was prepared for us Tamara Chervinskaya.This poppy from foamirana.Master class with step by step photos.Mac was very gentle and nice.From soft pink poppy have turned out beautiful hairpins, invisible from foamirana.Look...
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