Positive Psychology

Some news from the life

Hello dear readers.We have a very warm, hot.Sun 42 degrees.Despite this weekend we have been fine.On Saturday we went with the kids to the mall.There the children have fun and very interesting.Gift Pass master classes, a games room, where you can play.Cafe where you can dine.On Sunday we were...
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Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire - fragrance of energy and health

many flavors does not happen.I have a lot of perfumes and toilet waters.I like to be different.Plus, for every time of year, I prefer a certain flavor.Aromas - it's magic, especially if it suits you, and enjoy.You like "putting on" his skin.It is important that the flavor was pleasant and har...
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Autumn mood.My notes

- What time?- Five minutes to fall ... That was over the summer.The beginning of autumn.Our children grow up, the new school year begins.We are getting older and wiser ... I really like all the seasons of the year, too, with each passing year.But autumn is particularly warm, wonderful, some...
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Thanks - great power

today just wanted to talk and reflect.This is my opinion and my observations.Since this year, I went through several trainings on self-development.I will share with you information about gratitude.So many networks now write about gratitude.This is not a big secret.But not all understand and a...
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Summing up the results of the outgoing year and congratulations from 2016 year

I greet you, beloved.That comes to an end in 2015.As usual we are summing up the year and make plans for the next year.For me, 2015 was a year of new opportunities, ideas, discoveries, knowledge itself.This year was not like this earlier.That I can say for sure.For this year, I realized many ...
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June 1 - Children's Day

Hello dear readers.Even after a school routine, the warm days of summer begins.Many parents are looking forward to the end of the school year, over the summer to children gain strength and rest.We, as well as all waited for the end of the school year.Our daughter graduated from Grade 3.She, t...
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