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Grapefruit essential oil for face and body .Properties.Application .

Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about how to use grapefruit oil for the face.Very fond of essential oils.Just want to say that cheap oil is better not to use.All the same, the quality of these oils is poor.This year I bought a lavender, "The kingdom of flavors" is very disappointed in...
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Hydrolat roses .Properties.application

Hello dear readers.Today has received Hydrolat rose that really wanted to buy for a long time.My choice fell on Hydrolat from Primavera life.I read a lot of reviews about other Hydrolat, as a result, the best in comparison with others, became Hydrolat rose from Primavera life.But Hydrolat is ...
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Wheat germ oil.Properties.Application for the face and hair of scalp .My review

Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about wheat germ oil.I bought it myself recently in a drugstore, was going to be used for the body, as read on the reviews that this oil makes the skin very smooth and soft.But apart from that wheat germ oil is used for face, hair, hands.Having tested t...
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Honey massage at home cellulite

Hello dear readers.Outside, the spring and we are increasingly eyeing to your body.Here I start to run.True willpower I'm no different.But in matters of diet to everything must be approached comprehensively.It is clear that the rolls, and sport is not compatible.And that can be done to remove...
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