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Natural cosmetic oils for skin care

Natural cosmetic oils - this is one of the most unique and essential drugs used in cosmetics for skin care.And we can say with confidence that its composition, useful properties and actions, they are much greater than the manufactured almost any cosmetic products. B it also caused such a...
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Essential oils - used in cosmetics for the face

Essential oils , along with vegetable oils, are very popular natural products, widely used in cosmetology. By f course, the spectrum application of essential oils quite extensive: it aromatization of premises and taken baths, and changing mental and emotional state, as, for example, i...
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Recipes Homemade cream for eyelids .Natural oils for the skin around the eyes .

All the ingredients for the preparation of creams and oils can be found in pharmacies. very nutritious homemade eye cream : Melt in a water bath for 1 tbsp.spoon interior unsalted pork fat and add the 2 tbsp.vegetable oil (olive oil is well suited, peach, and apricot kernel oil).Thorough...
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Domestic anti-aging cream for the care of aging skin

Deciduous anti-aging cream for aging skin : Mix equal proportions of fresh and well washed nettle leaves, parsley, currants, mountain ash, rose petals and jasmine.It does not matter if what some leaves or petals will be missed. With juicers squeeze the juice out of this mixture of hardwood....
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Recipes home nourishing creams for dry skin

recipe for homemade cream for dry and combination skin based on chamomile: First pour a half cup of boiling water 1 tbsp.spoon of dry inflorescences of chamomile, and covered with a lid, put in a water bath for 15 minutes.Then pour off into a small container 4 tbsp.spoons of hot broth stra...
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Beeswax - the use in cosmetics

Beeswax - this is one of the most unique products in the world, all the secrets of which are still not yet fully disclosed humanity. Application beeswax , thanks to many of its beneficial properties, is widely used in many fields, particularly in medicine and pharmacy, and of course in c...
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Lanolin - use in cosmetics

Lanolin is still quite popular ingredient used in cosmetics.It is a natural animal wax, which is obtained by purification of fat from sheep's wool. F iropodobnoe substance that forms on the sheep's wool, it was known many centuries ago, and was widely used by the Romans and the Greeks, b...
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Glycerin - used in cosmetology

About ry often composed of many cosmetic products you can find a component like glycerin .Yes, and in the preparation of homemade cosmetics, especially as regards creams for the face, glycerol plays a significant role. litserin T is a trihydric alcohol which is an odorless, viscous, t...
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Recipes cream at home for dry skin

chamomile Nourishing Cream home for dry and flaky skin: 1 tbsp.spoon of dried flowers of chamomile drug pour a half cup just a boiling water, cover, leave for 1 hour, and then strain.In 2 Art.spoon the resulting infusion add half a tea spoon of glycerin (vegetable glycerin is recommended)....
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