Masks Of Berries

Masks of viburnum - Cosmetics at home

recipe nourishing mask of viburnum for dry skin: Thoroughly mash viburnum berries, so as to form juice.1 tbsp.spoon the resulting slurry mash with the same amount of cottage cheese, half art.tablespoons of cream or sour cream and a tablespoon of milk.Abundant layer put weight on the face, ...
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Home Care - Mask of currant

Currants, like black and red is a good remedy for skin whitening. Masks currant well used to lighten freckles, it is enough to 1 times a day apply a paste of fruit on skin with pigmentation disorders for 10-15 minutes.The same effect has the juice from the fresh and currants.Just rub it 2 t...
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People cosmetics - masks gooseberry

of ripe sweet gooseberries can cook wonderful folk cosmetics for dry skin.For this mash a few berries, and apply the resulting slurry on the face for 15 minutes.This moisturizing mask is also conducive to easy whitening skin.When flaky skin is recommended to add another 1 teaspoon of olive...
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Folk remedies and masks made ​​of raspberry

Hydrating Mask of raspberries for dry and normal skin: In 1 egg yolk, add 4-5 raspberries, 1 tablespoon milk and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.Thoroughly mash all the ingredients, and the density of the mask, add a little oatmeal.Apply on the face, and after 15 minutes wash with warm first, ...
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Traditional recipes of masks of strawberry ( Fragaria )

In preparing all these recipes below can be used, as well as strawberries and strawberry. easiest recipe vitamin and refreshing mask of strawberries - knead it a few ripe berries, and apply the resulting slurry on the face for 15-20 minutes.This mask is still a well used to lighten frec...
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