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Does Coca-Cola is harmful ?

lot of talk about the dangers of soft drinks.Many tales and gossip.And if you talk about the real dangers?That is to say deal with trifles, chemically.Emotionless.So!Be carefull! Lemonade, what's wrong? 1. Many of them contain aspartame (E951 afraid), synthetic sweetener.At the moment, off...
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The list of safe and unsafe preservatives

Now in Russia a lot of foreign food.And carry us far from the best.And our buyer is often difficult to understand the quality of the product.One of the indicators of quality and safety for human consumption is that any food additives contained in a particular commodity.After all, to give a pro...
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The drug or dietary supplements ?

Today, the Internet is full of advertisements for the "new", "reliable", "effective" means of restoring potency.But do they really reliable and efficient, as advertising promises? Almost all drugs tested, certified and actually help with sexual function disorders are a prescription.The same "...
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How to protect the spine from stress

Every day we continue to bend more and more closer to the ground, while stooping under the weight of the office everyday, worldly vanity and the weight of experience.In early childhood, we effortlessly able to do morning exercises, which consisted of a primitive lung movements.But from year to...
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Smoking and Health

theme smoking is incredibly popular these days.The reason for this, unfortunately, the general introduction to the bad habit.Needless to say that in the world, and especially the countries of the CIS, the passion for smoking fed from a young age.It is difficult to say that it was the beginning...
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Morgellons disease - a myth or not ?

One popular story tells that everything started after one day, Mary Leitao got sores on the lip of his two-year son, Drew strange fiber.In the future, the son began to complain of the emergence of multiple itchy sores on the body, from which it was possible to get some kind of white, blue or b...
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If the child creaks teeth in his sleep

gritting his teeth in his sleep Parents are frightened when the child grinding his teeth in his sleep.The phenomenon in itself unpleasant and incomprehensible, and even for the terrible teeth.Well, that comes concern for the child, especially if this is repeated several times.So, it's tim...
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