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In India, we found an incurable tuberculosis

In recent days, India identified, at least 12 patients infected with tuberculosis strains resistant to all drugs.Mumbai doctors dubbed strain «TDR» - Totally Drug-Resistant (completely impervious to drugs). Currently in most Indian cities do not have opportunities to identify dangerous s...
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Remote rehabilitation, or the Internet in health care

Remote rehabilitation Internet is no longer just a means of communication or entertainment venue, is now a global computer network is increasingly used in medicine.Since February 2, 2014 Internet sites, television and radio programs was reported as "Internet health care." According to st...
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New cardiovascular implants : high quality and low cost

New karidoimplantanty close cooperation of specialists from Novosibirsk and Tomsk led to the creation of a fundamentally new kardioimplantata.Created as a result of joint activity of the device can completely painless and at the same time very effectively take root in the body of the pa...
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Vitamin C helps to cure gynecological disease?

Medical scientists from the University of Kansas in the course of their study concluded that vitamin C may play a positive role in the treatment of cancer, having a negative effect on the cancer cells. established that vitamin caught in malignant cells assist other medicines in the destructio...
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