Frequent urination in a child ( 5 years old ) .What could it be?

Answer: reasons for the emergence of such symptoms may be several. first - is banal cystitis.It appears when the child sit on the cold or winter wear pants too light.Cystitis can be easily treated with antibiotics, which are assigned to you by your pediatrician.Do not over tighten, because...
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Strong headache in the temples and the crown region of 3 days for a child .What to do?

Answer: Based on the described symptoms, the disease is very similar to meningitis.This inflammation in the membranes covering the brain, which is caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa.These germs enter the body in different ways: through dirty hands and thermally unprocessed foods,...
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Dry cough with hoarseness .It does not take more than a year .

Answer: To begin, I would like to find out the age of your child to recline initially impossible causes of this condition.If he is a teenager, one of the physiological causes of frequent systemic chronic dry cough with wheezing, may be regular smoking. cough reflex of this kind in young chi...
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The child went to kindergarten - are constantly emerging snot .What to do?

Answer: your problem is not just a characteristic, it is an original slice of modern society.Frequently ill child - is no exception to the rule, and the characteristic of the baby in the above age you.Let's look at all aspects of the problem and ways to solve them. If a healthy baby from bi...
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How to quickly get rid of a cold ?

Answer: Runny nose - a very common and well-known symptom that accompanies a variety of diseases of ENT range, therefore completely neutralize the symptom is possible only after removing the cause, he was summoned.However, there are ways to quickly get rid of the symptom thereof and still co...
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Spring sneeze , a bad cold and watery eyes ( hay fever , allergic rhinitis )

Answer: likely you suffer from hay fever.It is a disease of allergic nature.Hay fever occurs in the form of seasonal rhinitis with watery discharge, watery eyes, sneezing when exposed to pollen from wind-pollinated plants. To find out the cause of your suffering and find the culprit of alle...
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