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A sprain in the leg.Symptoms and treatment of damaged ligaments

Bundles - a bundles of dense connective tissue that hold joints together.Despite its strength, ligament may be damaged by exposure to severe mechanical stress.This leads to a stretching of the ligaments in the foot, their partial or complete rupture.When injury of the ligaments is often sev...
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Stretching the leg muscles .Symptoms and Treatment

Crick called traumatic injury of the muscle fibers themselves or portions of their connections with the tendons.They occur during intense physical exercise, if excessive, strong toes.Damage muscles quite simple. Almost everyone knows that is just embarrassing fall or slip - like untrained ...
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Stretching the hip ligaments .Treatment of symptoms , rehabilitation

One of the most common injuries - stretching muscles and ligaments of the hip joint.This is a very common problem mainly for athletes.Rastyazhenie- concept itself is soft tissue damage, but if the result is not broken in their anatomic integrity. in the hips, there are three main groups of...
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Stretching the ankle ligaments .The symptoms , treatment , consequences after injury

Ankle bears most of the weight of the person. his ligaments - it bands of dense connective tissue that attach the joint stability at the expense of bone.Bundles provide joint stability and limit its movement from side to side. In general the joint carries a heavy load, which is compounded b...
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Stretching the hip muscles , treatment , symptoms

Stretching the hip muscles - a frequent injury.This back muscle injury occurs when a person extends the leg at the knee and at the same time cut back of the thigh muscles. On the back of the thigh muscles, there are three - biceps , semimembranous and semitendinosus .They straightened le...
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Sprains and fractures of the shoulder joint ligaments

injuries of the shoulder joint, particularly accompanied by stretching and rupture of ligaments - a fairly frequent cause of treatment of people to the traumatologist.The reasons for this are many.A role is played here and the environment, and lifestyle (including food) and hereditary facto...
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