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Getting rid of the white coating on the tongue.Causes white bloom

There is a fairly common myth: white plaque on the tongue - that's fine, it must be alleged.The view is so popular that even some adults believe that the appearance of his children - a common phenomenon. Where did such an attitude?Perhaps because language in white raid - a frequent phenome...
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Tablets from toothache .How quickly relieve the pain ?

Toothache - very unpleasant phenomenon.Almost each of us once in my life I experienced such feelings. How can we eliminate toothaches?What effective pill for toothache can help in this? Any painkillers need to be able to apply correctly.After all, they have high toxicity, and therefore ...
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Periodontal disease - image, causes, symptoms, and stage of treatment

The term periodontal disease are now realizing a complex of oral cavity diseases which are associated with the tooth neck denudation, increasing mobility of the latter and, consequently, the loss.Modern dentists are three groups of true pathologies that are hidden behind the folksy phrase den...
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Periodontal disease - treatment at home , photos

Periodontal disease - a very insidious disease.For a long time it takes almost symptomless, unlike periodontitis, which may occur bleeding of the gums and sensitive teeth. All therapy regimens employed in this case can be divided into two groups - surgical and conservative.The operation is ...
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