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Arthritis of the fingers : treatment, symptoms , photos

inflammatory process that affects the joints of the extremities structure reduces the functionality of the periarticular tissues.There are irreversible consequences in the absence of treatment of arthritis of the fingers.What needs to be done in the presence of this disease, how to recognize t...
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arthritis of the knee Treatment folk remedies

This insidious disease like arthritis of the knee joint, affects both young people and the elderly, inflammation of the joints leads to the exhaustion of the whole body.The clinical picture in chronic form is characterized by aching prolonged action, it becomes difficult to bend and straighten...
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Ankle Arthritis - Symptoms, Treatment , photos

ankle arthritis is characterized by the appearance of inflammatory genesis, occurrence of swelling, swelling in the injured site, destruction of articular fibers with their subsequent deformation.Malaise not only impairs the quality of life, but also lead to disability and loss of opportunity ...
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Symptoms and treatment of arthritis of the knee - Causes, photos

Acute arthritis of the knee joint - a common disease which affects all osteochondral structure.With him on the background of tissue degeneration there is inflammation.Over time, the disease process leads to an appreciable deformation of the joint.Most often affects persons of middle age.In rec...
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Arthritis of the foot - symptoms, treatment , photos

This pathology, like arthritis joints of the foot, is very common among the population and represents a whole group of pathological conditions, which combines inflammatory lesion joints peredplyusny, metatarsals and phalanges toes. Species of this disease, there are many, its name depends...
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Reactive arthritis joints - Treatment , Symptoms

Arthropathy (from the Greek «arthron» - joint and «pathos» - a disease), or infectious reactive arthritis refers to a class of the most established diagnoses of rheumatology.Reactive form of the disease is called, is not suitable for clinical picture and examination results of any previously i...
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