Venereal Diseases

Bacterial vaginosis - causes, symptoms , treatment.Answers on questions

causative agent of bacterial vaginosis is gardnerella, which is normally part of the vaginal flora (its content - not more than 1%).When intercourse gardnerella can be transmitted to man. Of the male body the pathogen appears for a few days, but if there is a good reason (a weakened immune ...
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Mycoplasmosis in men - symptoms, treatment , causes

Mycoplasmosis - an infectious disease, which in most cases are sexually transmitted.The clinical picture of the infection with Toxoplasma varies from case to case, and may manifest severe symptoms or completely asymptomatic carriage. Symptoms and Causes in men Contents 1 Symptoms an...
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Mycoplasmosis women : symptoms, causes , treatment

Mycoplasmosis women - a common ailment, called class mycoplasma bacteria, which can cause the appearance of such inflammatory processes as pyelonephritis, urethritis, arthritis, various other diseases of pregnancy. Mycoplasmosis symptoms in women Content 1 Mycoplasmosis women symp...
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The first symptoms of syphilis in women and men , photo

If you do not identify the early symptoms of syphilis and begin treatment, the infection affects the internal organs, the structures of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.This leads to complications that are often incompatible with life.Therefore, knowledge of the early signs of...
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Syphilis - symptoms, treatment , stage , photo

Venereal disease syphilis spread throughout the world, in the absence of timely treatment can lead to severe incurable defects and even death.How to recognize the disease at the initial stage? Signs and symptoms of syphilis Contents 1 Signs and symptoms of syphilis 2 Four stages o...
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The first symptoms of HIV ( AIDS ) among women and men , photo

such diseases as HIV , today considered fatal.While there is not a single documented case of a cure from this disease.Usually, death occurs on a background of diseases that complicate HIV disease in the terminal stage (AIDS). In modern society, HIV / AIDS is one of the most pressing health p...
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