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Headaches in the back of the head - causes, symptoms , treatment

Headaches occur because of the expansion vessels (veins and arteries) in the brain. not always such a pain cause serious disturbances in the body and should be cause for concern. They can also occur from usual fatigue and lack of sleep, and as a result of atmospheric pressure variations. ...
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The noise in the head and ears - causes, symptoms , treatment

noise in my head may be different: the muffled, pulsing, reminiscent of whistling or ringing, small or strong, passing or permanent.Someone compares his noise with noise freeway hum or buzz. Often noise can serve as a precursor to the emergence of quite serious diseases.It is for this reaso...
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Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels - symptoms, causes , treatment

disease cerebral atherosclerosis - a narrowing (stenosis) vessels delivering blood to the internal organs. main reason for the restriction - atherosclerotic plaques, for which "clings" to the subsequent formation of blood clots (thrombi). They represent a danger to life, as they can caus...
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Vascular dystonia in adults - symptoms, causes , treatment

dystonia (VVD abbreviated ) - a set of individual characters, the manifestation of which is associated with the violation of the nervous system (particularly its peripheral parts).This pathology is considered common and is found in 7 of 10 patients in middle age. vascular dystonia - sympt...
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Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve - symptoms, treatment

sciatica (often called - sciatica) - nerve damage, accompanied by severe pain, leading to a deterioration in the quality of life. sciatica - treatment Content 1 sciatica - treatment 2 Neuralgia of the sciatic nerve - signs The sciatic nerve is the largest in the human body.It ...
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Symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia .Treatment and causes of neuralgia

Neuralgia branches of the trigeminal nerve - the chronic nature of the disease, accompanied by bouts of pain in the place of its location (innervation).Seizures are recurrent and are provoked by any mechanical stimuli (brushing teeth, shaving, skin, etc.).The disease is more common in women, m...
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Sciatica - treatment , symptoms

sciatic nerve - one of the longest in the human body.His inflammation occurs frequently and is the medical name - sciatica.This pathology is the result of its compression in the lumbar spine.Several less common cause of inflammation is associated with irritation of the drug in the implementati...
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