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Ectopic pregnancy : signs and symptoms

Any woman knows that pregnancy - is not only joy and happiness, but also a huge responsibility, reinforced load on the body, etc.This applies even to the ordinary, normal pregnancy, not to mention the various pathological conditions, when matter how time will be seen signs of ectopic pregnanc...
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How to get pregnant if you can not ?Causes

conceive quickly, preferably at the first attempt, as many think, is not so simple.Even in the absence of pathological changes in the reproductive system is no absolute guarantee that efforts to end the desired result.And that's when there are a variety of concerns for their health, as well as...
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How to wear a bandage for pregnant women

Practically every woman in the state has an idea of ​​what the band.In 50% of cases it is recommended by gynecologists for use.It is important to know how to properly wear a bandage for pregnant women, and how to make the choice of the medical device discussed below. From what time to star...
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Sick of pregnancy - what to do ?The reasons for the early stages of

Nausea during pregnancy - is a symptom of toxicity.Toxemia - a response of the body for pregnancy.Doctors attributed his appearance with hormonal changes occurring in the body, the psychological and emotional mood of women, its physiological characteristics, and the response of the immune sys...
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Elevated prolactin in women - causes, symptoms , treatment

Prolactin - a protein substance with hormonal activity is responsible for the differentiation of mammary glands in women and their preparation for breastfeeding and milk production, it is also involved in the regulation of the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, the function of prolactin in men ...
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