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Fungus on the hands - photos, symptoms, treatment , causes fungus

fungus most often on the hands affects people with reduced immunity, diseases of the endocrine system.But to catch this infection may also quite healthy people.You never know where danger lurks: the fungus can be picked up in the gym and in the pool and on the beach, and in the nail salon, and...
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Fungus on the legs - symptoms, treatment , remedies for fungus , photos

Foot Fungus - quite common phenomenon.It can occur due to the dryness of the skin and the appearance of the legs as a result of the small cracks.Another of provoking factors is the increased sweating area between the toes. Other causes - regular and prolonged standing on his feet, varicose...
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How to cure nail fungus on your feet - Review of medicines and ways to fight disease

Nail Fungus - an insidious infection that spreads from person to person, affecting the skin and nails of the feet.It can be caused by various types of fungi.The infection is not fatal, but it is dangerous because a toe nails, it can go on hands and spread to the axillary and inguinal region. ...
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Getting rid of nail fungus on your hands - treatment , the fungus photo

Nail Fungus - Onychomycosis - communicable diseases hands resulting from fungal infection. Causes of the fungus on the nails of hands To begin with we shall understand the causes.The reason, as already mentioned above - a fungus. Types of nail fungus on your hands , causing the disea...
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Treatment of nail fungus on the arms, legs .The drugs and traditional medicine

Statistics says that nearly a quarter of our population suffers from nail fungus.Some believe that the problem of the fungus on the nails are limited only his unpleasant aesthetic effect.However, it is not. Launched fungus is able to bring its owner a lot of trouble, from allergic reactions...
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Vinegar , iodine , soda - a popular fungus treatment of the foot .Checked

Ringworm - foot skin lesions, as well as areas between the toes.The causative agent of the disease are mainly fungi of the genus Candida."Catch" the fungus can even from a patient's skin flakes. Fungus seen the emergence of itching and burning between the toes.Later may appear small cracks,...
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Symptoms and treatment of foot fungus

foot fungus belongs to the category of highly contagious infectious disease caused by certain types of fungi.In particular, after the survey often sown the genus Candida. arises skin fungus is in contact with the infected epidermis particles in favorable conditions, that is, to be warm and hu...
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