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Depression - Causes, Symptoms , treatment , way out of depression

Depression decided to call a state of profound sadness, which can develop after some unpleasant events or no apparent reason.Psychiatrists drawn a lot of patients suffering from depression.About 10% of people come to doctors with certain medical conditions, and in fact, suffer from depression....
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Postpartum depression - symptoms, treatment

Doctors say that postpartum depression affects about 15% of all mothers.This is not surprising, because a woman's life changed abruptly after the birth.You can no longer live in the same rhythm in which they lived before, if you hold a newborn baby requires constant attention, care and mainten...
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Hvordan at komme ud af depression ved dig selv ?nyttige tips

Depression - in our time, unfortunately, has become a widespread phenomenon.It causes irreparable damage to the person - takes his time, makes a full and healthy life in some semblance of it in existence. To understand how to overcome depression and fear , first you need to understand is w...
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How to deal with panic attacks on their own - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

Panic attack (it is called "vegetative crisis") - is inexplicable and painful for the patient's condition, is accompanied by fear, anxiety, panic, and a variety of somatic events. Panic attacks may be due to some physical disorders: heart disease, endocrine disorders.They can also occur when ...
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How to return his beloved wife - a psychologist tips , techniques

errors committed all.No one is safe from the wrong actions.That is why the question of how to return the love of his wife is haunted by many divorced men. Psychologists say that almost 50% of men dream of returning his ex-wife. Divorce - it's not a medal around his neck, and not a cause f...
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How to relieve stress - ways , psychological advice, at home

Stressful situations arise daily.And then there are so many reasons: family problems, the constant bustle, relationships with other people.Sometimes a person is in this state all the time, be sure to affect his physical health. How to relieve stress and tension - detail below. How to reli...
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