Respiratory Diseases

Methods of treatment of chronic tracheitis : official and traditional medicine

treatment of chronic tracheitis form has a number of features that differ from the treatment of acute disease.Chronic tracheitis is accompanied by a decrease in the overall immunity, regular sputum with hypertrophic type, and overdried and istonchёnnoy mucosa in atrophic type of disease...
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The use of mustard plasters with pneumonia : expert opinion

Mustard in the treatment of pneumonia related to aids, and does not affect the cause of the disease (high blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation, for example) or the infectious agent.Attempts to treat pneumonia among mustard plasters are guaranteed to lead to the development of com...
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How to cure lung hydrothorax

As practice shows, hydrothorax light does not occur on their own, but is a consequence of a particular disease.In order to properly assign the therapy, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and to identify the patient's underlying disease that caused this disease. With timely ...
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Folk remedies for treatment of pleurisy

Pleurisy - an inflammation of the pleura - a serious disease that in acute need of hospital treatment using medicines, and sometimes surgical techniques.In the same period fading aggravation or healing for the early restoration of the body's defenses can (and should!) Use non-drug treat...
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Pleurisy a child : how to recognize and treat disease

human respiratory system has a complex structure and consists of several elements.Main body, the person's breathing, the lungs are.Given the fact that the air contains a lot of bacteria, fine particles and other components that come with every breath in your lungs, it is clear that dise...
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What may turn pleurisy : the likely consequences and complications

inflammation of the pleura - pleural effusion - its dangerous complications that can significantly worsen the condition of the person.This is a serious condition requiring treatment in a hospital setting, often using surgical techniques.The article focuses on the most frequent complicat...
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