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Dizziness and headache symptoms as a tumor of the cerebellum

Vertigo - a condition in which the patient feels the movement of her body or objects around him, as well as experiencing instability in movement. The feeling of vertigo is one of the signs of cerebellar tumors.They constitute about 30% of all brain tumors and are divided into two g...
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Seizure as a manifestation of epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease that has a chronic course and is manifested by frequent bouts of seizures, the cause of which can not be determined immediately, as well as pathological personality disorder.Epilepsy, a seizure - is a clinical manifestation of excessive activity of a group of cells...
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What are ticks and how are they dangerous?

ticks called sudden occurring, violent, stereotyped, involuntary, spasmodic, repetitive, jerky and short movements separate muscles, groups of muscles or body parts .It also can be sound anomalies presented shouting sound, syllable or word.Tiki different from other hyperkineses that ar...
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Parkinson's Disease : Causes, symptoms and treatment of specific

syndrome called parkinsonism combination of the following clinical signs: slow motion, muscle rigidity and tremor of the limbs at rest. Parkinsonism distinguished: idiopathic, which is due to Parkinson's disease; syndrome, based on the occurrence of which is based on different r...
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What does an enlarged lymph node behind the ear ?

Under the conditions of our world, filled with a variety of organisms, can not remain unarmed.And our main advocate in favor lymphatic system, which is in every part of the body a kind of representation in the form of lymph nodes.Lymph contains large amounts of nutrients and cells activ...
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Common tics in adolescents .How to cope with them?

most interesting, mysterious and little-studied part of man - this is his mentality.On the one hand it is intangible and invisible, on the other hand it determines the behavior, character, temperament, and much more.Like a crystal vase psyche enough organized, fine structure, but also e...
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Features neuralgia occipital nerve

Headache - a very common problem, according to statistics, each an average of once a period of one month from the next attack suffers discomfort.This is due to the prevalence of one simple fact - the causes of the problem very much, and therefore provocateurs factors.Depending on the na...
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Symptoms and treatment ganglionitis

gangliitis - inflammation of the ganglion, which are integral components of nerve cell bodies, axons, dendrites.In this case violated the normal functional ability of the sympathetic column and this is manifested dysfunction of secretion, pain sensitivity and other important tasks.It sh...
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