Diseases Of The Genitourinary System

How to identify acute and chronic renal failure alone

Renal failure - a serious condition that requires prompt diagnosis and immediate treatment.To preserve vital organ involved in the maintenance of a constant internal environment of the body - kidneys - it is important to know the symptoms of impaired renal function and be able to recogn...
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Kidney Cyst : how to recognize the early stages of

Approximately 50% of people older than 50 years are facing the same problem as kidney cysts.They are, in most cases, are benign and do not cause any harm, not giving themselves felt for a long time or even a lifetime.But in some cases the brush size can be so large that it causes the pa...
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Diet for renal oxalate stones

When disorder of metabolism, especially water-salt, people can get sick with one of the most famous among the ailments of kidney diseases - urolithiasis.Stones begin to form on the basis of sand, which acts as a kind of matrix, which are layered crystals.Salt as crystals depending on th...
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Proper nutrition when uric acid kidney stones

Mostly such formations as urate stones doctors observed in people 20-55 years of age.This type of stone is the second after the prevalence of calcium oxalate.Most often this disease occurs in men.If urine is acidic and slowly is formed contains an excessive amount of uric acid, the risk...
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kidney nephrosclerosis : when to call a doctor

Most people after forty suffer from benign form of renal scarring, which means that the blood vessels of the kidneys are gradually changing, but these changes do not occur so quickly, and do not require treatment.For patients with benign nephrosclerosis it is only required to monitor th...
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