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Is it possible to treat a runny nose in a child bow and how to do it ?

Many parents regularly struggling with a cold in his beloved children, especially when there is a period of cold weather.This disease, although it is not dangerous, however, is causing a lot of trouble and hassle kid. In order to effectively get rid of rhinitis, and simultaneously stren...
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How to apply aloe at a cold in a child

Children are runny nose at any age, and although the disease is not dangerous, it brings a lot of trouble.Effectively deal with it is possible not only by means of drugs, but also folk remedies. Almost every housewife on the windowsill grows aloe remarkable healing properties of which a...
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How to cure a runny nose in a child juice Kalanchoe

One of the most common childhood diseases is considered to be cold, especially during the onset of winter cold. To date, developed a large number of different drugs for the disease, but according to many physicians the most effective and affordable considered the juice of Kalanchoe. Thi...
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It does zhzhёny sugar cough and how to cook it properly

Cough frequently manifested in adults and children.This disease is able to deliver a person very uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations, and therefore try to deal with it as quickly as possible.Despite the fact that pharmacies have a large selection of all kinds of cough medicines, sho...
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Pharyngitis in pregnancy

Usually, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx is not threatened by any serious consequences.But if pharyngitis ill pregnant woman, she should pay attention to their health.After all, the disease can affect the child's health and lead to serious complications. Content...
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pharyngitis Treatment folk remedies

Pharyngitis - one of the most common diseases in the cold season.And, despite the unpleasant symptoms, doctors do not consider this a serious illness.Methods of treatment worked, there are many medications and the disease usually recedes after 10-14 days.But many prefer to be treated fo...
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Chronic pharyngitis : types and characteristics of treatment

If you annoy the unpleasant symptoms as annoying dry cough, often in the morning, a permanent sore and feeling of tightness in the throat, it is possible that the cause of the discomfort - chronic pharyngitis, a disease that canlead to serious complications if left untreated. Cont...
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