Analysis Of Urine

Extensive analysis of the urine in diabetes

It turns out that a simple urine test is able to tell a lot about a patient with diabetes of type II. In particular, it can be used to determine the level of patient cognitive disorders. about these data says the study, which was published in the journal ¬ęClinical Journal of the America...
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What does the urinalysis ?

Urinalysis - a study of urine, which is carried out when the determination of its physical, chemical and microscopic structure, as well as the presence in it of those substances that are not normal. Conducting this research is widespread, and they are an important means of diagnosis of...
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What you need to pass urine for Nechiporenko ?

Clinical urine by Nechiporenko analysis - the study of urine, conducted in the laboratory, the results of which allow the doctor to assess the anatomical condition and performs the function of the kidneys and urinary tract. Content 1 Why do we need to perform this analysis? ...
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What informs the urine sample by the method Zimnitsky ?

Urinalysis for Zimnitsky - this study, by means of which an assessment of renal function.The doctor assigns the survey when the patient has a kidney disease or if revealed any pathological changes made to this general analysis of urine.In the event that there is need for a thorough exam...
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Explanation urinalysis

This study should be performed in every patient, regardless of the nature of the disease, which he suffered.Urinalysis performed in the laboratory is carried out for general medical needs and most often to diagnose a disease. When performing general analysis of urine (clinical) study th...
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