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Termination of saliva - a sign of the stone in the salivary gland

salivary stone disease, or sialolithiasis - a disease characterized by the formation of stones in the ducts of the salivary glands. Content 1 Epidemiology 2 Etiology 3 Pathogenesis 4 stones Characteristics 5 Clinical symptoms 6 Treatment ...
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What denture choose?

Often people have the problem of choosing a dental prosthesis, as in modern dentistry problems with kinds of dentures there.In order to understand and get an answer to this question should take into account a large number of factors. meaning of the installation of the denture is to ...
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Acute sialadenitis : definition, types , clinical symptoms and treatment methods

Acute sialadenitis - acute inflammatory process flowing, which is localized in the salivary glands and is caused by viruses or bacteria, exerts its effect on weakening the immune defense of the human body.Among all diseases of the salivary glands of acute and chronic inflammation are ab...
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Why do I get kids bottle tooth decay and how to treat it

Every parent should be aware that the state of the first milk teeth also need to be monitored closely.There is a misconception that dental disease in young children are not dangerous, because all the affected parts simply drop out during their on permanent change. In reality, oral disea...
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Traditional recipes from glossitis , which will help

glossitis - a general name that describes a whole group of lesions of the tongue surface, accompanied by the formation of nodules, ulcers, attacks and other types of lesions in combination with an active inflammatory process occurring. Can I get rid of glossitis using traditional medici...
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We are struggling with painful toothache Gargle with baking soda

As you know, a toothache occurs suddenly and can catch anyone by surprise.In this case, the person is ready to great lengths to get rid of it as soon as possible.Today in pharmacies offer a wide selection of different painkillers, but do not always have the ability to quickly acquire th...
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How do you know that you glossitis : a few simple signs

For each pathological condition in an organism there is its name, but not always, even educated people can say what is wrong with him.There was discomfort in the mouth, but the language appeared some degree?These are the main symptoms of glossitis - so called, any change in the mucosal ...
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Pros and cons of teeth whitening tea tree oil

white smile - an indispensable attribute of a successful person of the XXI century.And to achieve this goal every day hundreds of people spend large sums on whitening, often losing their dental health.Ways to bleach the tooth enamel becomes more every day, but not all of them are safe.A...
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The whole truth about teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide

What are the indications contained in the operating instructions of hydrogen peroxide?Bleeding from the nose, superficial wounds, tonsillitis, sore throat, stomatitis, mucositis, and so on. D. This is the standard list of issues, which helps to eliminate the antiseptic substance.In addi...
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