What products are excluded to lose weight?

It so happens, has chosen a strict diet to lose weight, try, try, and the result is not present.And all because some products are programmed that have deposited in our body in the form of subcutaneous fat, which is very difficult to break down.What are these "enemies" of our figures?

What you can not have in order to effectively lose weight and not to return former kilos?

  1. Sugar, this is the first time for a slim figure.It stomach when processing proceeds to the energy, and if not used properly, the fat is deposited on the shell of the internal organs, slowing the correct functioning of the liver and kidneys.Fructose is harmful to carbonated sugary drinks, at any baking, it is best to choose desserts with a low glycemic index.Also sweeteners another forest is not allowed in your diet full of harm from these products advertised.
  2. stores juices with a long shelf life, it is empty calories that do not provide benefits to the body, but only make i
    t extra calories.Instead, you can drink a glass of clean water or boil compote of dried fruits.
  3. fatty dairy products, we are talking about yogurt, cheese, sour cream, cream.Better to take the percentage of milk fat content of 2, 5 and 1, 5 instead of 3.2.And you will be satisfied and confident body cope with the processing of this product.
  4. Meat high fat, slimming and maintaining the body in the right proportions to give preference to better dietary varieties, chicken breast without skin, lean beef, turkey, with hare.Such protein source will appreciate the digestive system and lead to constipation and bloating.
  5. removed from the diet of sweets and bagels, of course, if you really really want, you can eat plitochki bitter dark chocolate, which is useful for blood vessel and heart function.
  6. Sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, they are real pests to your figure.For lovers of mayonnaise, it is better to cook at home with proven products and use one teaspoon per day.
  7. Fast foods.This is confirmed by many studies "death" for the figure, and if you looked into a similar institution, ask the summer salad and green tea, which will help restore strength and not gain extra calories.
  8. Nuts are very useful, contain omega-3 fats, but not control their use can score about the ideal proportions of the body.The day allowed to eat 30 g of this product will have greater harm to the body.
  9. Flour, bread, cake, pasta, dumplings, pancakes - all empty carbohydrates, which are easily transformed into fat and often excluded from almost all well-known diets.
  10. fried dishes, only steamed, grilled or baked in the oven.Thus, any food will be less calories and more useful for a healthy diet.

What you can not have in order to effectively lose weight and not to return former kilos ?

Here's what you need to remove the products to lose weight, if you by force, then do not worry about their figure parameters.Everything will be fine, you need a little time, perseverance and patience.

What you need to eat to gain weight?

In the measure should be, even the most diet products can go in a number of negative, if you use them properly.The main thing is to eat a fractional, 4-5 times a day, it is better to eat little but often, than once to put a daily dose or obese.

main errors that are on the way to the desired result of weight loss!

would seem everything I exclude foods to lose weight, but the effect - zero.What's the matter?

  • say, from soup does not get better, but it is not so.Brees on the meat - a very high-calorie, and two or three plates per day will be harm for your figure.It is better to choose the mushroom and vegetable broths, they are nutritious and delicious.
  • Even a piece of forbidden foods will make their "spirited" thing, if it is said - you can not, then completely throw away from the fridge and replace less calories.
  • Not all vegetables will benefit.Here pickled cucumber will give you extra weight and fresh carrots, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, onion, radish, celery, parsley - take away.
  • Eat at pleasure, and do not torment yourself diets questionable, because without them you can bring the body in order, the main thing to love yourself and be loved!

All these recommendations will help you to easily restore shape after the winter holidays, just give up unhealthy foods and take food with a smile and joy!

Tatyana Makarova, a nutritionist says: ¬ęTo be beautiful and loved and can be overweight, because everything is not the case, and in the internal energy, which should be the key, and to build on our new top of the podium."

Be healthy and beautiful!

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