harm and contraindications liquid chestnut?

lot of information presented to us only positive qualities and hand the exotic plants of liquid chestnut.I wonder whether there are contraindications or side effects after the use of this product.Well, try to understand!

Harm liquid chestnut

As the saying goes, in disorders of the digestive tract, and diseases of the gastrointestinal system should refrain from receiving the fruits of this plant.It is known that it is not allowed to use a lot of products, so that the chestnut is not an exception to the rule with similar ailments.

If you are hypersensitive or allergic reactions to the components of the substance to take in food chestnut is not necessary.It is important to monitor their state of health, and not continue to enter into exotic food product to deteriorate when the general condition of the body, can be body aches, dizziness, fever, runny nose or other symptoms of food poisoning.

At the slightest discomfort, it is important t

o see a doctor, so as not to cause harm to your body continuously.

Many users claim that the excessive use of natural supplements appear constipation or vice versa chair disorder.This is due to the fact that the allowable dose exceeded, the organism was much more different components, the digestive system which can not easily handle.So it is completely up to you whether or not a side effect observed after the use of chestnut or not.It is important to drink abundant liquid such additive is not on an empty stomach, as well as with the drugs.

Harm liquid chestnut

brown liquid diet - contra

Before the start of the operation prompt weight loss should always consult with a doctor may be screened to identify allergies or incompatibility of certain components in an exotic product according to your body.

To avoid poisoning:

  • not buy the product in unfamiliar or suspicious areas;
  • Do not overeat;
  • not combine supplementation with a sedative and anti-anxiety drugs;
  • properly prepare this product, strictly follow the recipes known;
  • At the slightest violations of the digestive tract and intestines, rinse well to suspend the reception of liquid chestnut.

Daily rate - 50 g of the product, do not exceed the daily dose of the drug.

also can not eat brown liquid diet to persons who have not attained 15 years of age.

possible side effect of the breach of the reception Supplements - this insomnia and excitement.

Harm liquid chestnut in cosmetology

Harm liquid chestnut in cosmetology

Warning for lovers of home scrubs and face masks.Chestnut lotion with frequent and abundant use can cause irritation, dryness and peeling of the skin, acne.

So before you use natural recipes, carefully examine them of the technology, as well as consult with a specialist in the cosmetic industry.


Is there harm from taking liquid supplements chestnut judge you!According to information from various sources, including medical and specific contraindications and side effects exists.All of the rules depend on the drug, the dosage and the state of your body.

Be careful while taking this natural product, heals the body, grow thin without damage to internal organs and heed the advice of qualified professionals.

Your health is in your hands!