Liquid chestnut recipe of exotic dishes

Stylish novelty in the field of weight loss and natural cosmetics brought confusion of many medical researchers who in his experiments have confirmed the positive effect of an exotic product on the human body.

With regular daily use liquid supplements chestnut following results were achieved:

  • Acceleration of metabolic processes that contribute to energy consumption and the splitting of fatty tissue;
  • increases physical endurance, and strengthens the immune system.High prevention of seasonal diseases;
  • suppression of appetite and as a result - fewer absorbed food, contributing to weight loss and "deception" saturation of the organism;
  • get rid of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances;
  • has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Liquid chestnut

To achieve such results, and do not harm your health, you need to properly use supplements that maintaining dose and observing the implementation of the different ways to cook exotic dishes

for healing and slimming the body.

use of liquid chestnut in

daily diet produced this tool as a brown powder, liquid diluted in acceptable proportions.Permission is granted to use the day of no more than 1 hour. L.this substance.Accordingly, you can cook a variety of dishes, even the most ordinary, and just add to a well-known ingredient.

brown liquid

Recipe № 1.

Oatmeal for breakfast.Zaparivat glass grains boiled water or milk, add salt and sugar to taste, a slice of butter and 1 ch. L.Liquid chestnut.

In order to lose weight, do porridge on the water without salt, eat the whole serving for breakfast, washed down with a cup of unsweetened green tea.

Recipe № 2.

Steamed vegetables with mushrooms for lunch.Making vegetable slicing, in equal proportions, carrots, cabbage, eggplant, add the mushrooms and some greens.After quenching with all ingredients, mix for 1 hour. L.additives.Control the amount of salt and oil.Serve ostuzhennym, to flavor a teaspoon of sour cream will come in handy.

Recipe № 3.

Dietary pancakes for dinner.Doing makeup in the serum or water.Adding to it Supplements and bake in the oven without oil additives.Tasty and healthy.

Liquid brown recipe

Recipe № 4.

Fruit Smoothies.Beat blender fresh fruit: peach, apple, orange, kiwi, add Supplements and drink for breakfast or for dinner a delicious and healthy beverage.

Enjoy your meal!

Liquid chestnut