Liquid chestnut harm and benefit

The unique properties of the exotic plants due to the effective combination of fat, protein, amino acids, tannins, vitamins and trace elements.It is made of chestnut powder weight of the liquid from natural fruit vine guarana, weight becomes light brown in color and has no sharp odor.Easily combined with other products and is not addictive.

Liquid chestnut

Useful properties

product Liquid chestnut contains in its composition the main operating element - guaranine, which has beneficial effects on chemical processes in the body, accelerates metabolism, and improves overall health.Additional agents, theophylline, theobromine enhance energy boost and normalize blood pressure, improve memory and stabilize the nervous system.B vitamins, minerals and trace elements rejuvenate the body and renew the structure of cells, burn body fat, give peaceful sleep and good mood.

This product is widely used in the field of weight loss, its use ensures a good result in a short

period of time.In just two or three weeks with regular use of liquid chestnut can lose up to 20 kg overweight.This functionality will be the body at an acceptable level, will not be felt lack of nutrients and vitamins.
Harmful substances Liquid chestnut

While getting this powder mixture in the human body occurs:

  • enveloping the stomach wall and the saturation of the body, which suspends for a period of food intake and consequently lead to effective weight loss.
  • destruction of fat cells at the molecular level, the withdrawal of excess fluid and toxins from the body.
  • Improve stamina, will be especially appropriate supplement for athletes and people who are actively engaged in physical activity.
  • Normalization function of the circulatory system.

Harmful substances Liquid chestnut

According to medical studies in South America, the consumption of these supplements has no significant side effects and contraindications.And so as not to cause food poisoning and deterioration of health, it is necessary to use the correct medication to control the dosage and schedule of use of the product.

Excessive regulations can cause excitement and insomnia.

Liquid chestnut