Recently analytical company «IMS Health» published data from a study of the global market for pharmaceutical products.According to this study, in 2012 the sales volume of drugs totaled about US $ 1 trillion (half of Russia's GDP).

Also on the results of 2012 experts "rating" information agency made a rating of countries supplying released on their territory pharmaceutical products abroad.Russia in this ranking took only 36th place, ahead of on this indicator, Thailand, Indonesia, Croatia, Latvia, Egypt, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, New Zealand.The amount of drug products produced in Russia and exported abroad in 2012 amounted to 600 million dollars.At the same time there is an influx of foreign drugs into the country.So, for every dollar of exports accounted for 21 dollar imports last year.

leading position in the ranking of pharmaceutical products owned by the German exporters.In one year, the country has produced and sold abroad medicines by 67 billion dollars.

In second place ranking se

ttled Switzerland, with revenue from the export of medicines to 54 billion dollars.It should be noted that the issue of drug production has a leading position among the industry of Switzerland.Businesses countries specialize in the production of antiviral, immunomodulatory, antipyretic drugs, vitamins, cytostatics, drugs for the treatment of cancer and HIV infection.

third place ranking given to Belgium.The amount of state data exported pharmaceutical products amounted to 44 billion dollars.Most of the Belgian export supply company «GSK» and «Pfizer», engaged in the development and production of vaccines.

USA in the ranking of countries that supply medicines abroad, took fourth place.Eighteen US companies involved in the production of medicines, according to the International Agency «Current Partnering» included in the 50 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

France was in fifth place on the export of drugs.The volume of its foreign sales amounted to 34 billion dollars.