monosodium glutamate, better known as flavor enhancer E 621, is banned for use as a food additive in many EU countries.In Russia and the CIS countries until such prohibiting law no.Disputes concerning monosodium glutamate are maintained for a long time.

This substance is an amino acid powder consisting of white crystals, was first produced in the early 20th century, scientists from Japan - Kikunae Ikeda, noting that even a small amount is able to enhance the taste and smell of meat.40 years after this discovery, MSG began to add not only in meat products, but also in many other foods.

In fact, this amino acid is a part of the proteins contained in the meat, soy, mushrooms, milk, vegetables, and cheese, as well as a very small amount is produced in the human body, is involved in metabolic processes, the nervous system and brain.Therefore, natural MSG, even recommended for use.The situation is different with the food additive E 621, the resulting artificially in the laboratory.It is an artifici

al sodium glutamate usually added to all food.Firstly, it is a reasonable price.Second, the substance can not only enhance the taste of the product, but also to hide the unpleasant smell of its constituent components, which is used by unscrupulous manufacturers.

Artificial flavor enhancer E 621, according to many scientists, has a negative impact on the human body.Prolonged use of them saturated foods can provoke frequent headaches, nausea, irregular heartbeat, the development of asthma.In addition, MSG is addictive and contributes to rapid weight gain.

Today the usual Russian consumer is difficult to buy a really quality product, of which not included harmful food additives.The lack of appropriate law allows the manufacturer to safely conceal the composition of the product manufactured by them.In fact, this is a violation of consumer rights.

in July 2013 to the State Duma received a bill requiring mandatory food manufacturers to indicate the presence of its products in a dangerous taste enhancer.The adoption of this law obliges manufacturers do not simply indicate in the product additive E 621, the inscription of its presence should be placed in a black frame.The size of the frames in this case will depend on the size of the label of the goods and occupy at least 30% of its surface.

According to deputies, Igor Lebedev and Yaroslav Nilov, the appearance of such a label would allow the Russians more carefully to the choice of components of the food basket.

It should be noted that some Russian food manufacturers have already given up adding to their production of harmful food additives, thus preparing for the transition to the production of new, pan-European level requirements.