Heatstroke - a violation of an adequate work (in varying degrees of severity) of individual processes in the body due to the high impact over time.Mainly impaired thermoregulation process, which occurs when the total dehydration .This affects virtually all systems of the body, particularly in the risk group includes people with disorders of the cardiovascular system, since overheating heart simply can not withstand the load.

The risk also get the children out of the fact that the child's body is sensitive and susceptible to external influences, and especially to temperature changes.If the child's body temperature rises above 38 degrees, it may cause a malfunction of the heart, the central nervous system, etc.Since the water - it is an inorganic liquid serving framework for the implementation of all processes and reactions in the body, a significant reduction in its volume is extremely dangerous to human life.


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Signs of heat stroke in children and adults

Symptomatic complex heat stroke depends on its severity, as well as the time that has elapsed since the overheating.

important to understand that such a thing as heat stroke - a severe impact on the body of the external factors, which can be fatal if you do not provide timely first aid to the victim.

The main features include:

  • change of skin color (at the initial stages of the development of heat stroke the skin gets a reddish color);
  • appears overall weakness;
  • eventually begin spazmiruyutsya pain in the muscle tissues of the extremities;
  • breathing quickens, which can cause shortness of breath;
  • virtually from the beginning nausea, retching, and appear directly vomiting;
  • victims usually have a pulse quickens significantly (about 160-minute beats per minute), but it is very difficult to palpate because of insufficient power surge;
  • one of the main symptoms is vertigo, which is accompanied by a darkening of the eyes, the emergence of visual illusions and hallucinations;
  • dry skin, fever occurs;
  • in severe cases, when the impact is not docked and systems of the body start to shut down, possible convulsions, involuntary defecation and urination, loss of consciousness and coma.

Before syndrome begins to unfold fully may take from 3 to 24-eh-eh hours for which the patient may feel:

  • shortness of breath and cough;
  • pain in the chest, legs, abdomen, head, eyes and nose;
  • may occur numbness and tingling of different parts of the body;
  • problems with coordination, articulation;
  • unmotivated motor activity.

peculiarity of transferring thermal shock children, but rather an additional symptom is lack of sweating or minimization, but it does not happen in all cases.

Symptoms of heat stroke in the photo

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body temperature can be measured in such a case, only rectally, the thermometer inserting through the rectum.The body temperature can rise up to 40 - 41-th degree, which is a very dangerous symptom for all age groups, so that the victim needed emergency assistance.

Ambulance rides on call

need to call an ambulance as soon as possible

further condition of the patient's health depends on how quickly it will be rendered first aid.The first thing to do - is to call an ambulance, and yet doctors rush to the call, should take measures to prevent the progression of overheating.

Video.Symptoms of heat stroke and first aid