As it does not sound corny, but alcohol is the first enemy of health.Unfortunately, our people are accustomed to drink, not only over, but without him.The medical effects of alcoholic beverages on the body is considered from the perspective of poisoning poison nerve agents. Since this poisoning, it is necessarily accompanied by a certain group of symptoms, which make it possible to determine its extent and, accordingly, to take adequate measures to rescue the person.

Drunkenness is divided into three degrees of poisoning, and each of them has its own specific symptoms. sometimes reveal this type of intoxication is difficult.Not knowing its symptoms, it is possible to put the incorrect diagnosis, which later lead to serious complications.In some cases the alcoholic coma, from which to withdraw the patient is not easy. should be taken into account and the fact that symptoms can be misleading and differ slightly in case of poisoning by alcohol in teenagers.

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mach is absorbed an average of about twenty percent of the alcohol consumed ethanol, the remaining eighty per cent into the blood from the small intestine.


  • 1 Poisoning mild
  • 2 average degree of alcohol intoxication
  • 3 Heavy alcohol poisoning
  • 4 Symptoms of alcoholic coma
  • 5 Symptoms of Childalcohol poisoning

poisoning mild

A man badly over the toilet

a common symptom of alcohol poisoning - the desire to rid the body of excess drinking

Man with mild intoxication can be determined by a slight, barelymarked redness of the skin and a significant expansion of the pupils. Typically, increased sweating and drunk starts to go to the toilet more often the small.In addition, to determine the extent of this is possible and in a loud voice, categorical behavior and unrelated expression of some of his thoughts.

person with mild alcohol intoxication characterized by sweeping and clumsy movements. may notice slight irregularities in facial expressions and a lower total concentration.Drunk people in this state are beginning to share their experiences secret, gradually lose control of their statements. In most cases, one can observe rapid heartbeat and breathing.

The fastest way to get the blood alcohol, the fortress which exceeds thirty degrees.Also quickly absorbed into the blood and sparkling liquor.

average degree of alcohol intoxication

Several types of alcoholic beverages on the background of a person sleeping on the table

main signs of alcoholic intoxication - emotional and psychological

When a person comes average degree of alcohol intoxication, his general condition is much worse.It can be seen even more as compared with a light step, slow thinking.It gets drunk man malosvyazannoy and matted.He also begins to be lost in time, and the surrounding area.Quite often, there comes a condition in which the loss of control over the actions committed and words.

This condition of poisoning can be dangerous because the person losing control of himself, begins to make rash actions and becomes aggressive.Some contrary experience severe depression, withdrawal and dramatically change the mood, feel sad and self-critical.

People in the middle stages of alcohol poisoning, experiencing a strong coordination of movements. Some of them may have a gag reflex, and besides it is possible to observe the absence of some of the pain, which is fraught with various injuries. person gradually falls into a drowsy state, smoothly flows into a deep sleep.

Heavy alcohol poisoning

Symptoms of severe poisoning stage appear bright enough. man begins to speak absolutely illegible and unintelligible, sometimes completely meaningless.Drunk ceases to understand what is happening around and can not understand the meaning of what was said. His mind plunged into a state of mist, and the skin becomes bright red color and become hot.Further reduces the reaction and pain.

Reduce the rate of absorption of alcohol in the blood can food.Therefore, it is recommended in the use of alcoholic beverages is good to have a snack as a preventive measure.

An empty hard liquor bottle lying in a man

Heavy alcohol poisoning is typical for those who use a surrogate and a low-quality drinks

severe stages of alcohol poisoning can lead to severe breathing problems and frequent appearance of shortness of breath. observed disruptions of cardiac rhythm, in some cases, the heart may stop altogether.Sometimes this condition is characterized by a sense of stunned.

consequences of alcohol poisoning can be much more serious, if come the acute phase of intoxication. Obvious symptoms of this condition are uncontrollable seizures, disruptions in breathing, profuse salivation.In vypevshego human whites of the eyes become bright red, and the eyes themselves even more advanced.

In severe intoxicated, a person can lose consciousness, to the point that it will not respond even to ammonia.Manifest suffocation symptoms, reducing overall body temperature. Besides the pulse becomes weak, and in some cases completely ceases to be palpable.It should be noted that this poisoning is typical for people who ate low-quality alcoholic beverages and surrogate.

Symptoms of alcoholic coma

Alcohol poisoning, leading to the onset of coma has more serious consequences for the organism. It manifests itself ceasing language hit vomit on the respiratory tract, as well as copious sputum and saliva. have drunk breathing becomes irregular and intermittent.The lungs can hear the characteristic wheezing.The skin become pale and sometimes cyanotic hue. a sharp drop in blood pressure, as well as epileptiform seizures and uncontrolled discharge.

Symptoms of children's alcohol poisoning

Surprised baby looking at the camera holding a bottle of beer

If alcohol poisoning symptoms appear in children and adolescents - is a direct reason to resort to

medical care in childhood and adolescence drink alcohol poisoning symptoms may wear a secretive and not very bright character. As a rule, there is a strong excited state, unjustified euphoria and impaired coordination and self-control.guys fall fast enough to drowsiness, they begins to feel dizzy, increasing emetic effect. Also you will notice the appearance of confusion, hypoglycemia, and gipotremii.

should be remembered that alcohol poisoning can lead to quite serious consequences for human health. is necessary to pay attention to all the symptoms of alcohol intoxication, especially if they occur in children, and, if necessary, take appropriate measures. If poisoning low-quality alcohol, tend to have more pronounced symptoms, respectively, and the health consequences can be even more serious.