blood in the urine, or as it is called in medicine, hematuria, is considered a typical symptom of almost all urological diseases.Sixty percent of this symptom is the most significant for diseases of the bladder, urinary tract and kidneys.The other forty percent of patients with this symptom suffer from gynecological diseases, blood diseases and tumors of the prostate gland.

In laboratory studies are two types of spotting contained in the urine of women.The first is called microscopic hematuria.This means that in the analysis of a small amount of blood which could be detected only in the laboratory.The color of the analyzed urine unchanged.Also, there is a gross hematuria.With this phenomenon in the urine contains a large amount of blood and can be seen with the naked eye.Also, urine becomes turbid red color, sometimes brown and even black.

most common causes of hematuria in women are diseases such as cystitis and urethritis.Sometimes these reasons can act diopaticheskaya hematuria pregnant wo

man or bladder endometriosis.

As already stated, cystitis is one of the reasons for the identification of blood in the urine of women.There is an acute and chronic form of cystitis.In any case, this disease is an inflammation of the bladder, in which the woman feels frequent and painful urination, sometimes they are false.Often, such diseases are present periodic or constant pain in the lower abdomen, and the presence of blood in urine.

cystitis can get sick when the local overcooling, sedentary lifestyle, poor personal hygiene, inflammation of the vagina, self-treatment of urological or gynecological diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as a defloration.In addition, cystitis can be caused by frequent errors in the diet, that is, the use of too salty, spicy, fried, or acidic foods.And, of course, cystitis can be triggered immunocompromised.So after a bad sleep, constant stress or colds, you can find the phenomenon of hematuria.

Another reason for the appearance of blood in the urine of women may be urethritis.This disease is an inflammation of the urethra wall.The disease manifests itself in the form of burning, sharp pain when urinating or pain of a permanent nature.With such a blood disease is detected in the whole volume of urine.Also from the urethra may be muco-purulent discharge.

addition to these main reasons for blood in the urine release can be called and another, namely a bladder endometriosis.This disease is characterized by growths on the walls of the bladder.These growths are formed tissue, which each month is torn away from the uterus during menstruation.Symptoms of this disease include abdominal pain, frequent urination, burning sensation in the urethra, which increases during urination, and hematuria.Endometriosis

bladder may be caused by retrograde menses reflux into the bladder.Also, this disease can be triggered by the transition process with cysts of the uterus Isthmus of the ovary and the anterior wall of the uterus on the bladder.In addition the occurrence of endometriosis bladder possibly due to operations on the uterus and vagina.

Idiopathic hematuria pregnant women may be another reason for the appearance of blood in the urine.This phenomenon can occur at any stage of pregnancy.Its causes are not well understood.For example, in early pregnancy such hematuria associated with changes in hormonal background.In the later stages of hematuria is due to mechanical compression of the urethra and kidneys, resulting in renal blood supply due to pressure.

When hematuria manifested after birth, or her relapse occurs after a short amount of time, in this case it is possible to talk about the presence of other diseases that are not associated with pregnancy.

Among the above-mentioned causes of hematuria can be attributed to other diseases.These include problems with blood clotting, hemophilia and sickle cell anemia.In addition, the cause may be, and infectious diseases, namely, scarlet fever, bacterial endocarditis, typhoid fever and other.Also cause hematuria renal vascular disease, which include varicose intrarenal veins, thrombosis, and compression of the main renal veins.Also among the causes of hematuria are also inflammatory, toxic and cancer of the genitourinary system.

In any case, the diagnosis and determining the reasons for which appeared in the urine based on the set blood urinalysis laboratory, clinical symptoms and physical data of instrumental investigations.