With bad memory problem faced by many.It is known that a person is born has the ability to remember certain events. Research experts say that for the first 25 years of life of human memory continues to improve in the years of his brain is able to get and easy to remember a lot of information.After 25 years of human memory when it is healthy and does not have some of the diseases that affect the quality remains unchanged.Memory impairment that occurs due to natural aging of the body and reduce the activity of brain activity occur not earlier than 50-55 years.

However, modern residents of large cities complain of memory problems are usually much earlier onset of his 55-year-olds.Of particular concern experts often marked impairment of memory in children, adolescents and young adults.For example, a student with a bad memory is much harder than his peers, to develop a training program, in addition, he has to spend more time on memorizing the material.

reasons memory impairment

The most common reasons for the sharp deterioration in the memory is in the working age population are:

  • stay in a state of prolonged depression;
  • frequent stress;
  • chronic fatigue, insomnia presence;
  • keeping unhealthy lifestyles, such as drinking alcohol, smoking;
  • intake of various drugs, including painkillers, anti-depressants.Memory impairment is one of the many side effects of treatment drugs;
  • vitamin deficiency, lack of vitamins A, B, certain amino acids in the body;
  • receive traumatic brain injury;
  • diseases of internal organs (liver, renal failure, pulmonary tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, in some cases accompanied by a violation of brain activity and memory impairment as a result);
  • brain pathology (malignant tumor, pituitary adenoma, etc.).

exact cause memory impairment specialist sets.This symptom, depending on the presence or absence of disease may be accompanied by: depression, lack of appetite, irritability, insomnia, headaches, subferilnoy body temperature, etc.These symptoms usually indicate a possible exhaustion of the body or an existing there inflammation.

sharp memory impairment may arise as a result of information overload the brain.For example, all students familiar with the state of the body before an important exam: it seems that absolutely nothing of what you have learned you do not remember.In this case, the deterioration of memory function is very non-durable and does not require any specific treatment.In such a situation enough to pull himself together, to stop worry and try to calm down, all functions of the brain immediately restored, which will play all learned the day before.

pathology, one of the main symptoms of which is memory loss include:

  • Alzheimer's disease - central nervous system disease, with progressive mental decline.The risk of occurrence of this disease include persons who have reached 65 years of age.The exact cause of Alzheimer's is unknown today, among the predisposing factors: receiving a traumatic brain injury, the presence of a brain tumor, hypothyroidism.In addition to the slowly progressive deterioration of memory is a disease accompanied by apathy, spatial disorientation, depression, hallucinations, frequent seizures;
  • multiple sclerosis - a disease of the CNS, in which is the destruction of the components of the brain and spinal cord structures.The exact cause of multiple sclerosis to date has not been established.Some experts believe that the disease has an autoimmune origin, others are inclined to believe that the basis of its development lies in penetrating the human body the virus.Multiple sclerosis is progressing slowly and sufficiently long time can proceed without any particular symptoms;
  • Parkinson's disease - a chronic disease associated with impaired motor activity of the patient and eventually leads to complete paralysis of his.The risk of occurrence of Parkinson's disease include people over 55 years, but today marked the so-called rejuvenation of the disease.There are cases of diagnosis of Parkinson's disease among young people under 40 years of age.The main reason why the disease occurs, it is considered a natural aging process.Among the signs of Parkinson's disease: impaired thinking and memory functions, modification of speech, stoop, trembling limbs, difficulty in movement, depression, urinary incontinence.

Therapies memory

deterioration itself, treating memory impairment in most cases does not require.Usually it is enough to eliminate the root cause of this condition.Restore and improve memory function can be taking certain medications.Assign these drugs the doctor only after diagnosis.It is composed of a substance, the effect of which is aimed at improving brain activity and enhancement of its basic functions (lecithin, folic acid, vitamins A, B, E).These funds are released from pharmacies without a prescription specialist, but each of them has its contraindications and no one side effect.

Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, unfortunately, can not be cured completely.The main treatment of these diseases is aimed at slowing down their development and the prevention of complications.Both diseases are gradually leading to disability of the patient first, and then to death.Memory functions under the above-mentioned diseases of the Central Nervous System recovery usually can not be.

To which the doctor should contact if memory impairment?

At deterioration of memory necessary to address to the neurologist, endocrinologist or physician.