Lack of iodine in the body can lead to serious consequences and the development of many diseases.Testify that the body lacks this element it can be persistent headache, poor appetite, discomfort in the joints, regular fatigue and drowsiness, quite frequent colds and depression. Meanwhile, in order to saturate the body with that substance is not necessary to resort to drugs consume enough food products are those which are composed of a large number contain iodine.


  • 1 iodine seafood
  • 2 Vegetables and fruits with sufficient iodine
    • 2.1 Where a lot of iodine (photo)
  • 3 rich in iodine content of milk products
  • 4 rest of the iodine-containing foods
  • 5 Table iodine content in foods

iodine seafood

Many inhabitants of the seadepth due to its unique ability to filter the iodine out of their habitat, rich in the content of this important element. For example, just one hundred grams of cod or tuna cover two-thirds of the daily requirement of iodine.

daily requirement of iodine for humans - about 3 mg per 1 kg of weight.

Also, this substance is contained in the mussels and squid, oysters and shrimp.Many of iodine is composed of salmon, mackerel and herring.Daily consumption of a small amount of flounder and salmon completely covers the daily requirements of the human body for iodine.

iodine sources

Types of fish that are rich in iodine

thyroid iodine helps to produce thyroxine and triiodothyronine, without which the body can swell.In addition, iodine deficiency is the main cause of delays in mental development.

Vegetables and fruits with sufficient iodine

Many locally grown fruits are also rich in iodine.For example, in vegetables such as cabbage, carrots or tomatoes iodine contained in a maximum amount.To fill the deficit of the organism in this element capable of peppers and potatoes, garlic and bananas, as well as exotic fruit such as the pineapple guava.Persimmons, strawberries, plums, also in the structure have a substance in the required amount.Iodine is found in grapes, lemon and black chokeberry.

Where a lot of iodine (photo)

rich in iodine content of milk products

excellent source of iodine are many dairy products.Thus, this element is contained in large amounts in normal milk, as well as kefir.A little less of this substance in sour cream and cream, however, their regular consumption helps to fill all the body's need for iodine.

milk, cottage cheese , sour cream , yogurt , cheese

Dairy products not only have excellent taste, but also serve as a source of iodine

rest of the iodine-containing foods

Add the necessary supply of iodine in the body can be eggs, and regardless of the form in which they were prepared. excellent source of this element is considered kelp. Eating just one hundred grams of this unique product allows you to cover double the body's need for iodine.Also, this substance is contained in buckwheat, some leguminous species, and porcine milk chocolate.Some manufacturers now produce even rich in iodine content of bread.

Foods rich in iodine

Foods containing iodine

Very often enriched with iodine ordinary table salt thus obtained all known iodized salt.

Despite the fact that iodine is an essential element for the body, care should be taken to consume foods rich in its content, pregnant and lactating mothers and children, but severe restrictions in this regard does not exist. It all depends mainly on the individual intolerance of certain foods.Still, doctors recommend that women in the state and nursing, as well as kids to focus on sea cabbage, fresh vegetables and fruits, and milk.

To make it easier to deal with food, as part of which iodine keep sufficient data are summarized in the following table placed.Here, in the right column lists the products themselves, and the left indicates the content of this element in micrograms per hundred grams of the product itself.It should be borne in mind that children need a day to get from fifty to one hundred and forty micrograms of this element, and 150 adults, and pregnant and lactating women to 200.

Table iodine content in foods

Product iodine content in micrograms per 100 grams of product
Cod 130
tuna 50
Kalmar 300
Kalmar 300
Oyster 60
Shrimp 190
Herring 90
Flounder 190
Salmon 200
Fruits and vegetables
Cabbage 7
Tomatoes 9
Carrot 7
Pepper 10
Potatoes 6
Feijoa 350
Strawberry 6
Grapes 8
Lemon 7
Milk 17
Kefir 11
Smetana 9
Other products
Buckwheat 3,5
Eggs 18
Pork 16,7
Cheese 16
bread (special) 31

is necessary to closely monitor the daily intake of food containing iodine. is especially true for pregnant women and nursing mothers and to children.Best of all your daily diet plan in advance taking into account the daily requirement of this product.Correctly organize meals, as well as to control the content of iodine in the body will help the doctor, you can refer to at any time.