In recent years, actively gaining popularity among people of different age groups, a full or partial waiver of foodstuffs of animal origin.Such power principle called vegetarianism is widespread in many countries, including ours.Some believe that this phenomenon is a kind of philosophy that can benefit and improve the body.However, a large number of people fundamentally do not agree with this statement, and on the contrary claim that vegetarianism is harmful to humans. According to doctors, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and each case should be treated individually .

Statistics show that the world support vegetarianism in varying degrees about 5-10 percent of the population.Most of these people live in India, where the rejection of meat occurs for religious reasons.Least of all the vegetarians there are in China.


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some general information

Nutritionists conventionally divided vegetarianism for several groups,depending on the reasons why people abandon the usual food and what products to use.This division allows you to more clearly identify the positive and negative aspects of this kind of diet. It should be remembered that the reduction of amino acids in the body, which are mainly produced from meat, greatly affects the health and affects a person's appearance .Of course, pork or beef, you can try to compensate for other products, however, is not always such a replacement of equal value.

butchered carcasses

main "trump card" of vegetarians - reluctance to eat dead animals, but first and foremost pay attention to

own health should be remembered, and the dangers of vegetarianism for children and the elderly .A growing body of the child is constantly being actively developed and should receive all necessary elements and vitamins in sufficient quantities.Otherwise, can develop many serious diseases, eventually turning into chronic.In the elderly, on the contrary, in the body there are significant changes that affect the deterioration of the internal organs. To fill the need for mineral micronutrients vegetarian food is simply impossible .

Sausgemptonovskogo Scientists from the University in the UK as a result of the research concluded that the more people have IQ level, the greater their propensity to vegetarianism.

Meat and vegetarian

Eating meat in food is considered to be a natural process, and experts do not recommend to exclude from your diet this product.That it contains a complex of many different amino acids. pork, beef and lamb nourish the body with vitamin D, as well as a group of vitamins category B . man who regularly eats meat is not inclined to complain about brittle bones and has no problems with the nervous system . Also, this product contains an incredible amount of phosphorus, potassium and zinc.It includes the necessary elements such as iodine and iron .

presence in meat of all kinds of minerals, proteins and vitamins, and is complemented by the content of special substances that can enhance the release of the much-needed body digestive juices.This helps to greatly simplify the process of food processing and, consequently, improve bowel function.It is worth noting that all these advantages are only to natural meat.In respect of semi-finished one can say that they practically do not benefit the body as saturated fat and calories.

semi-finished goods

worth noting that brings benefit only natural meat, rather than semi-finished products

In any meat contains a lot of cholesterol, which is usually a strong effect on the thyroid gland . addition, the use of meat can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, and affect liver .In favor of non-meat speak and modern methods of production.In order to protect animals from disease and to promote their active set weight, almost all manufacturers use a variety of antibiotics, hormones, and other harmful substances.These elements do not disappear from the meat, even when heat treated and fully enter the human body.

Anyone who regularly consume meat, most prone to weight gain .All this is directly related to the content of this product in a large amount of cortisol. Also, the use of meat may be adversely affected and hormonal system.This is due to the fact that the body gets a large number of strangers hormone directly from an animal.

role of fish in the human diet

impossible to properly balanced diet without regular use of animal protein .If complete elimination of meat food can be replaced by inclusion in the diet of milk, cheese and eggs, fungi, the iron loss compensate these plant products is virtually impossible.In this case, comes to the fore regular consumption of poultry and fish.

Fried fish

If, however, a decision on the refusal of meat in the diet should remain fish

Doctors say that the transition to laktoovovegetarianstvo a positive impact on the people who suffer from atherosclerosis, kidney stone disease, obesity, diabetes, andalso of certain liver diseases.

In all seafood contains sufficient selenium, which results in all blood vessels tone . addition, any fish rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3, responsible for the regulation of blood cholesterol .Also, this product helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of many cancers. If a vegetarian diet on a regular basis there are dishes from fish or poultry, it can be said about the downsides in the absence of this diet .

Pros strict vegetarianism

That category of vegetarians that from your diet completely excluded from the food products of animal origin, tries to eat a lot of fiber, namely, fruits and vegetables.They provide a good stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, and in addition in the entire digestive tract microflora maintain the necessary balance.Vegetables and fruits, due to the content of volatile production in sufficient quantities, can kill a variety of harmful bacteria, and to inhibit in the intestine, developing the processes of decay.In addition to these products there is a huge amount of carbohydrates, and they are known to be the main source of energy.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are rich in carbohydrates, stimulate the bowels and kill bacteria

The majority of people who completely reject the use of animal products, the least susceptible to hypertension.They have reduced the risk of the gastric bladder and kidney stones .The human body eating only fruits and vegetables, the least saturated with bad cholesterol and slags.These natural products efficiently purify the blood.

downside rejection of animal products

Despite the enormous benefits from eating fruits, vegetables, as well as a variety of cereals and nuts, to provide the human body with all the necessary set of substances they are simply not in a position to . Dietitians extremely negative attitude to the complete abandonment of the use of animal products .Eating plant foods only gives a feeling of fullness for a short period of time.The man begins to eat more often, and if it does not affect the figure, it plays a negative role in the digestive organs.

Vegetarians who exclude from your diet not only meat but also eggs and milk, are experiencing strong demand for vitamin B2 . majority of these people suffer from a lack of essential vitamins such as B12 and D .All this, sooner or later inevitably lead to mental problems and various nervous disorders.Over time, it can develop multiple sclerosis, and a number of other serious diseases.Vegetarians in the body there is a strong lack of iron and various minerals."Insert Video" vegetarianism pros and cons ยป

Video Vegetarianism - for and against

Many nutritionists believe that vegetarianism is not a science, but a simple ideology. If the harm from such a diet for an adult and healthy person can be minimized, for the children, women and old people in a position such food can be life-threatening .It should be noted, however, that certain elements of vegetarianism positive effect on the body as a whole.You should not completely exclude from your diet of animal products.To all should be approached rationally and without fanaticism.