recently conducted a feasibility study of vitamin D contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease in humans.In the new study were re-prove these points.

Prior to these studies, numerous tests have shown that the deficiency of this vitamin can be enhanced probability of heart attack or stroke, asthma and diabetes. This finding was criticized at the beginning of 2014 in the Journal of Endocrinology and Diabetes, it published an article that supplements of vitamin D in the human diet did not lead to a decrease in the risk of the above mentioned diseases. When maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle no supplemental vitamin D is not required, since the sun's rays make up for its deficiency in the body.

almost 5,300 participants aged 60 years were analyzed in the latest study.These men were given daily supplements of vitamin D or a placebo for 5 years.After that, the incidence of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among the participants was evaluated.In addition to these people to

explore the state of another 13 thousand.

These studies have confirmed the inefficiency of making additional doses of vitamin D. In spite of this, it appears that these supplements of vitamin D contribute to the improvement of the heart failure and reduce the risk of death in her background.


  • 1 human brain can protect starfish
  • 2 first transplant 3D-printed vertebra
    • 2.1 Creating implants vertebrae
    • 2.2 first operation
  • 3 sperm donation - age overweening
  • 4 Loud sounds disastrous
  • 5 pig heart of man
  • 6 Video of pig heart transplant man

The human brain can protect starfish

interesting medical fact was discovered by scientists from Russia, engaged in the study of marine flora and fauna.It turned out that the body starfish has a substance that is able to protect the human brain from the stroke, ie the substance may play a leading role in its prevention.

Scientists have identified the substance of the starfish, which beneficially affect neurons, the nerve cells in the brain.The impact of this substance stimulates the growth of nerve fibers, enhanced protection of nerve cells during stressful situations, for example, in low power cells, or oxygen starvation.

known that the main factor in the development of ischemic stroke is considered to oxygen starvation.Oxygen deficiency triggers pathologic biochemical processes that lead to the death of brain cells.Thus, the discovery of this material enables the creation of new drugs able to act as a preventive and remedy for ischemic stroke.

the structure of the starfish

course, a full-fledged production of these drugs is still far away.To date, conducted preparatory activities for the study of this discovery.

treatment of ischemic stroke is now carried out with the use of neuroprotective and neyroreparantov on the long-known cliches and patterns.In this direction also shifts are favorable.In medicine created preparations which comprise these two properties.

In this case we are talking about drugs based on embryonic signaling polypeptides and proteins, which largely contribute to the proliferation of the cells, their survival and differentiation. These medications help reduce nekrotizirovaniya, the death of brain cells, which in turn leads to a reduction in the effects of a stroke late recovery period.

first transplant 3D-printed vertebra

very interesting medical fact - is the emergence of 3D printers that can print any human authority.For example, scientists and Peking University surgeons have performed transplants vertebrae, printed a special of 3D-printers.

course, these are the first surgical intervention in the art of medicine.3D-press at the moment quite promising and modern medicine will move, and move quickly in this direction.Working with components of the spinal column is very time consuming and difficult, because around the spine are a lot of nerves and blood vessels, which are arranged in a specific way.

3D- printed vertebra

new vertebral implantation was carried out as early as 2013, but the surgeons were waiting for as the body behaves in relation to foreign bodies.Rejection happened that unleashes implant medicine.Soon, this technique can be extended to other countries of the world.

Creating implants vertebrae

Using selective laser titanium powder, placed in a special form, melted a few days later and took the necessary curves and lines.And we get new vertebrae.Artificial vertebrae have a porous structure that promotes permanently attached to the spine - the vertebrae with their time just grow into the pores of the artificial vertebrae.

first operation

The first operation was carried out to the boy of 12 years, who injured his neck during a football match.On vertebra form a tumor, from which there was no way to get rid of in addition to a change to the artificial vertebra. At the moment, the motor ability of the neck, the boy almost recovered.

second patient was a 32-year-old man, suffering from serious illness, do not allow him to walk normally.After the operation of recovery, of course, we are not talking, but he was much better.

sperm donation - transcend age

At the moment, it is believed that when the sperm donation may be involved not only young men and middle-aged men because it is proved that the donor age will not affect the probability of conception.Moreover increased age of donor sperm and now this segment is 26-34 years.

Many of these innovations have raised concerns, however, by the competent opinion of the doctor from the Center for Reproduction of Newcastle reduced the probability of pregnancy in older women.

were analyzed almost 40 thousand of completed IVF cycles of data from 1991 to 2012.It was found that pregnancy rates in no way correlated with the age of the sperm donor. interesting medical fact .

World scientists believe that any value is not the age of a sperm donor, if he is under 45 years.The main thing that a man who is a donor was healthy.And in this case the men are subject to strict selection criteria for sperm quality.It is worth noting that there are men who are alien to reduced fertility.Many men over the age of 70 years are able to fertilize an egg.However, the recommendations of the men have children under the age of 40-45 years, remain in force and are relevant to this day.

Loud sounds disastrous

We all know that loud and sudden noises can cause hearing damage.As it happens, this damage specified in their research, scientists from the UK.This is quite an interesting medical fact .Ask what you need to know the mechanism of hearing damage by loud sounds?The answer is simple. This will help to make the right prevention and treatment.

large number of people has a hearing loss, that is, its reduction in the high frequency range.By this cause noise at work, during a hearing loud music, etc.

Scientists claim that many listen to very loud music, absolutely no idea of ​​the consequences.The speed and accuracy of speech recognition depends on the transmission speed of the auditory nerve signals.

researchers say that loud sounds cause audible signaling a slowdown, which adversely affects the hearing.It was noted earlier that loud sounds destroy the myelin sheath that covers nerve fibers, protecting them, and facilitates a faster nerve impulse transmission.This constriction of the myelin sheath elongate, which also worsens the overall picture.

recently been carried out computer modeling of the pathological process.It has been proven that the thinning of the myelin layer of nerves affects hearing loss greater than the extension of the distance between the constrictions.

pig heart of man

Another interesting medical fact worthy of attention is the possibility of growing pig hearts for later transplant them to the man.

In experiments involving genetically modified pigs from which the transplanted heart in the peritoneal cavity of baboons.During the year, those hearts successfully take root.

Transgenic pigs

Why these animals?Because of their genetic and antigenic structure is very similar to human.

expect thousands of people at the moment of the heart transplant.In the US alone, about 3 thousand waiting, not waiting for 2000 patients.At the heart cultivation and waiting for the heart of a pig you need in half the time.

While waiting transplant patients live only through equipment, which is expensive, increases the risk of various complications, such as:

  • blood clots;

  • bleeding.

Heart transplant from a pig monkey 2

transplant from animal to human is called xenotransplantation. Scientists explain that xenotransplantation is already available at the moment, unlike the bioengineered tissue grown in test tubes.Especially now grown genetically modified pigs.They have been added to some human genes, so adapted to a heart operation conditions in humans.Pigs of this modification enzyme deactivation was carried out, which caused the reaction cell rejection.On the other hand, carried out the activation of human transgenes can reduce and even prevent blood clots.In addition, currently available to target-specific immunosuppression, which is less toxic in comparison with classical immunosuppressive therapy.

When you connect to the hearts of baboons circulatory system (the heart of their own work in normal mode) transplants lived 200 days, which was longer several times than in the case of transplantation of hearts from pigs without human genes.
This is all the achievements of world medicine today.We look forward to new discoveries and interesting facts.

Videos about heart transplant pig man