Do you ever worry about the question of why some individuals suffer the pain much better and easier than others?At the 66th Congress of American neurologists in Philadelphia (USA) has been issued a ruling on the answer to this question.In all the blame genetics.


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essence of research and what pain

provide the results have been obtained in the study, which was part of a major study of chronic pain. main difference from acute chronic pain is that acute pain is a reaction of the nervous system to the sudden damaging situation. chronic pain syndrome can last continuously for several weeks, months or years.This type of pain is always accompanied by severe chronic diseases such as cancer, rheumatic disease processes, infection, lesion of the spine in the form of osteoarthritis.

Chronic pain is treated in several ways depending on the cause of its occurrence:

  • pain medication;
  • refleksoigloterapiya;
  • brain stimulation;
  • local electrical stimulation;
  • surgery.

Sometimes chronic pain is treated by placebo, that is, empty drug.

addition, syndrome, chronic pain, such as headache, can be successfully treated by means of psychotherapy, which leads to normal behavior and adjusts feedback.Some treatments may lead to increased levels of endorphins, which contributes to reduction and disappearance of pain.In chronic pain syndrome, the level of these substances in the body dramatically reduced.


Scientists were interviewed almost 3000 patients with chronic pain, in order to determine at what level on a 10-point scale, they appreciate it.These sick people as an analgesic received opioid analgesics, ie, narcotic lying on the rocks

All patients were divided into 3 groups according to the survey:

  1. Patients with a score of 1 to 3;
  2. Patients with a score of 4 to 6;
  3. Patients with a score of 7 to 10.

majority of survey participants rated their pain as moderate.About 45% of its high intensity counted and only 9% - low.

The study found that one-third of patients had a genetic variant DRD1 in the last group with low intensity of pain.

Other groups noted other genetic variants at an average of 23%. These genetic complexes, scientists believe, can significantly affect the perception of pain, in the sense of intensity.

How else can you get rid of the pain?

In 2013, scientists past it was proved that almost 40% of chronic pain syndrome can be effectively eliminated by the introduction of antibacterial agents in the body.No less effective method proved to cryotherapy nerve trunks, which is the normal freezing nerves.One alternative method is the use of inclusions in the fish oil diet.