lice - tiny blood-sucking insects, parasitic in humans.They are often confused with fleas.Fleas are usually different habitat.They are parasitic on animals only and not even transmitted to humans by direct contact.Human lice are highly contagious. There is a stereotype, that lice - poverty satellite disadvantage and homelessness.This is not quite true.As you know, lice feed on human blood.Scientists have proved that most of the lice prefer to settle in the minds of people, very often washing hair.The disease lice one child in the group of kindergarten can develop into a real epidemic.Children are very often and very closely interact with each other, and this is the surest way to transmit head lice.

Pubic lice are transmitted, usually by sexual contact with their carrier.It does not matter, no way to protect against unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases.Pubic lice live in the scalp genitals and under the arms.Sometimes in order to get rid of unwanted guests, enough to completely shave the hai


There is a kind of lice, which settle in the human things, wardrobe, cupboard with clothes.Get rid of them is very difficult.In such cases usually applies a thorough proglazhivanie things hot iron.Boiling linen and helps get rid of the nits.

Nit is a sticky egg from which the larvae matured, and a few weeks later turns into a full-fledged, ready to breed lice.Nits are usually mounted at the roots of the hair with a special substance secreted by them.Louse lives in the external environment is very small, not more than one week.Significantly increase the life span allows its relocation to the human body, in which the parasite is there for two months under favorable conditions for him.

Pediculosis necessarily require treatment.Lice are carriers of dangerous diseases.Moreover, the infection is not the bite, insect and crush his hands, whereby the content flows to the damaged areas of human skin, getting in this way into the bloodstream.

Louse - not unlike jumping flea insect, so get to the body of a healthy person, it can only be in very close contact with the patient's body and his clothes.The source of the disease are: combs, towels, bed linen, outerwear.Infected lice can be in the public bath or swimming pool.A method of lice infestation in contact with a person without a place of residence, for example, in public transport, is not justified.It is unlikely that someone will be in close contact with the disadvantaged person in dirty clothes.A normal finding near it is quite safe.

Symptoms of lice is very unpleasant.This is an intolerable itching, burning sensation in the site of the bite, the appearance of erosions and sores in combing the ground, insomnia, decreased appetite.Often the disease is attached to a secondary infection, which can be entered into the body through the microscopic damage to the skin at the time of her constant scratching.

There are many tools for getting rid of lice.The easiest way to treat pubic lice, aka ploschitsami.Pubic lice makes itself felt strong itching in the groin area, it usually appears after 5-6 days of onset of infection.Itching - a reaction to the bite of lice.ploschits eggs are not visible to the human eye, because they have to get rid of the "blind".For these purposes apply aerosol (spray-pax) - the means to spray the entire surface of the scalp skin.Such sprays contain substances which are highly toxic not only for the lice, but also for their eggs.Typically, once the application is sufficient to say goodbye to long parasites.

get rid of lice that live in the hair of the head, a little harder.Previously it was thought that the treatment involves compulsory obstriganie hair.In fact, if the hair is too long, cut off them does not make sense.Among the means to get rid of head lice: shampoos (Paranit), sprays (ful-Marx), aerosols (plus a pair), ointments (Nittifor).All are used in accordance with the instruction.Treatment usually consists in applying to the hair means followed by thorough washing of a few minutes.

There are many popular ways to get rid of lice.Some of them are very effective.However, these should only be used one which is not capable of inflicting any injury was.For example, it is not recommended to display lice by applying kerosene on her head.This means worsens the condition of the hair, it is difficult to wash off with water.After application of kerosene hair becomes greasy and unkempt.Besides petroleum-toxic, it is undesirable to inhale.Vinegar is often used for the control of parasites on the head, dry hair, making them brittle, and lice copes poorly.

After applying any of the above means should be thoroughly dried and combed her hair, it is desirable to comb.Nits should be chosen from hair hands because they do not lend themselves to combing.All dead insects must be removed from the hair.For easier combing hair can be applied to a drop of olive oil, which will provide the best process crest slip.

After removal of hair parasites on the scalp sores still remain and place bites.They should be treated with a disinfectant.In the apartment, where the patient is required to conduct a mandatory technical cleaning, which includes boiling and thorough proglazhivanie bed linen, towels.Combs also should be thoroughly washed with hot water.

Preventing lice is in compliance with the general rules of hygiene, absence of questionable sexual activity, frequent change of bed linen and towels.If the child attends a kindergarten or school, every week should be a routine inspection of the skin of his head.It is believed that lice are very discouraged smell of lavender, so as a preventive measure may be applied to a drop of essential oil of lavender on the area behind the ears.If unpleasant disease still caught up, it is recommended not to self-medicate, and to visit a specialist, who tells the best way to get rid of parasites.