Researchers from Osaka University, Japan announced their extraordinary invention.This invention was the patch that replaces a flu vaccine, which is administered by intramuscular injection into the human body.In Japan, this new product has already been successfully tested by volunteers.

new flu patch is a transdermal tape rounded section with a diameter of not more than 1 cm. The needle 250 is 8 mm in length on its surface.Each needle contains a certain amount of hyaluronic acid and a vaccine.

According to Japanese experts, they created a patch in its effect is not inferior to the usual vaccination against influenza.In addition, its use is completely painless and has no serious side effects.Some subjects in the application of new products showed a slight reddening of the skin at the point of contact with the adhesive, does not require any special measures.

known if the clinical effectiveness of a new method of vaccination of the population against the flu will be fully proved, these patches w

ill be available and will be available to most residents of Japan first, then all over the world.Practical use of painless and easy-to-use vaccines will be possible not earlier than 5 years.

By the way, a few years ago, scientists from Imperial College London announced the creation of a patch that can painlessly deliver estrogen in the human blood.This development is of great importance in the prevention and treatment of malignant prostate tumors.It is known that prostate cancer - the disease is quite common among men all over the world.

Later their own colleagues have developed a special plaster with high content of sumatriptan - a substance which is part of drugs for migraine.Its use quickly eliminates the headache, but also gets rid of such manifestations of migraine, such as nausea, the patient's sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights.

In the US state of Illinois and special electronic patches have been developed to monitor the health of the human body: to monitor heart rate, body temperature fluctuation, sweating, muscle contraction, etc.

All of these developments are aimed primarily at improving the quality of life.Treatment and prevention of various diseases using adhesives over time can be a good alternative to the use of injections, which are known, quite painful and may cause long-term side effects.