Recently in Scotland began to prepare the dogs for assistance to elderly people suffering from senile dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.Special training has already passed a couple of animals.

Dogs in this case, patients are trained to provide the elderly elementary household help.In addition, communication with the animal, believed to psychologists, a positive effect on the psychological state of dementia pensioners.This is especially true of single people.

Currently in the country launched an entire campaign on dog training to help people.The campaign has received the name ┬źDementia dog initiative┬╗.

Scientists from the UK, meanwhile, made a list of diseases in which the communication with pets is a must.This list includes: diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, autism, dementia.

Background: Dementia - a slowly progressive disease, with gradual fading of intellectual functions, memory loss, impaired thinking processes and leading to a change in personality.

most often diagnosed senile dementi

a that develops against the backdrop of Alzheimer's disease.The first signs of the disease may not be visible to others.These include: frequently occurring fears the impossibility for a person to recall the recently occurring events with him, a heightened sense of anxiety, decreased alertness, sharpen facial features, change speech.

addition to Alzheimer's disease impetus for the development of dementia can be: transferred microstroke, head trauma, hypertension, diabetes and rare diseases such as Pick's syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Statistics relentless.About 8% of people in Russia who have reached the age of 65, suffering from senile dementia.The older the person, the higher the probability of occurrence of this disease in his.According to this data, every second resident of Russia at the age of 85 years, also has signs of progressive dementia.

Senile dementia can not be cured because it is always accompanied by the destruction of certain brain structures.Modern medicine is unable to cope with such a serious disease.In this patient with a similar diagnosis as no one else needs the support of people close to him.Presence around family and home atmosphere of warmth allow him to remain in the normal consciousness as long as possible.The average duration of dementia - 5 years.