Vice-Premier of the Russian Government Olga Golodets warns people that there was a very dangerous epidemiological situation due to the detection of meningitis in Russia.Kuban seen the highest outbreak.

July 18, 2013, all services were brought into a state of full readiness, doctors working in the mode of over-heightened vigilance.

According to Olga Golodets in Russian medical teams that specialize in serous meningitis, are now working close-knit team.All the powers are concentrated in the south, since that is where presumably possible outbreak of the disease.Deputy Prime Minister claims that the situation is under the watchful control.

July 16 in the city of Kursk with suspected angina were removed from the train ten children (train Moscow-Sochi).serious diagnosis "aseptic meningitis" has been put in the hospital two of them.Eight other children, in contact with patients, are currently under the supervision of experienced physicians.In addition, with the same train in Rostov was filmed anoth

er sick child

July 18 train, which was bound from Sochi to Moscow, still have six children were identified clear signs of angina.Irina Rossius (representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations) made an official announcement that the child was removed from the train in the city of Kursk, and they also are in the hospital under medical supervision.The preliminary diagnosis he put "angina."

Nine children who were returning from the Kuban to Moscow, were also removed from the passage and sent to Voronezh hospital number 2, on Thursday, July 18th.There is evidence that all of these children were returning from a specialized children's health camp, which is called "beautiful sea".It is located in the town of Krasnodar Territory (Dzhubga Tuapse).At the hospital, doctors have four children aseptic meningitis has been confirmed, the rest was diagnosed with "acute respiratory viral infection."Status of children who discovered meningitis, is currently regarded as a stable and moderate, but all nine students and now in Voronezh hospital for treatment.

Among other train passengers signs of the disease, doctors have not yet found.

However, the train of 310 children were removed three more: one in Orel, Kursk one, one in Moscow.

As you know, in the summer of enterovirus infection danger increases, especially in the bathing season.This is due to the fact that the virus is easily transmitted through water.Infection by bathing - the most common case of acquisition of serous meningitis.In addition, the virus is transmitted through unwashed fruits, vegetables and hands.Contamination by airborne droplets possible in crowded places patients.The source of infection is considered to be a healthy and ill person who is a direct carrier of the virus.

Unfortunately, most ill serous meningitis in children aged three to six years, a little less sick students.Adults serous meningitis is rarely infected.