urine -. Liquid, which highlights the body and it also displays the products of internal metabolic processes, etc. These products are the sources and the color of urine.Such as urobilin, urochrome, urorozerin, uroeritrin stained fluid in different shades of yellow. In normal urine color should not go beyond the range of the yellow , but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.Vitamins and their absorption by the body can saturate the urine a bright green hue, etc..


  • 1 Background color chang
  • 2 Why does urine orange?
  • 3 shades Abnormal urine
    • 3.1 urine color red
    • 3.2 urine is dark in color
      • 3.2.1 diseases and conditions causing dark urine:
    • 3.3 opacitiesin a dark urine
    • 3.4 dark urine during pregnancy
    • 3.5 urine brown
    • 3.6 urine pink
    • 3.7 products, coloring the urine pink
    • 3.8 Blue color of urine
    • 3.9 containers passing urine
  • 4 Video on the analysis and the color of urine with Elena Malysheva

Background color change

color depends on severalimportant criteria:

  • directly on the quality of metabolism and the amount of fluid that is excreted from the body;
  • age also has an effect on this issue.In children, the urine color is always weaker than the adult: in newborns urine is almost transparent color in infants light yellow.But sometimes there may be a light reddish color due to increased levels of uric acid;
  • finally, on what products or drugs used.It is common discoloration of urine during the treatment of diseases and drugs.

But it is worth noting the fact that the change in the color of urine is often the evidence of pathological changes and diseases.

Urine golden yellow

urine golden yellow - normal

Why does urine orange?

Urine orange

Urine orange

Urine is orange or reddish color under the following prerequisites:

  • large amount of pigment that creates the yellow color of urine: urochrome, urobilinogen, etc .;
  • consumption of foods with a high content of dye, by the way, not necessarily yellow.Any dye upon cleavage can give an orange color;
  • diseases of urinary ducts and intake of drugs.

All the people in the morning urine, saturated red color, especially if your bladder before going to bed had not been emptied.In this case, the reason lies in the background of hormonal nature.

Another cause of incontinence orange is dehydration.Dehydration, ie metabolic deficiency of water can be caused by intense physical activity, the use of the long absence of moisture, heat and so on. Urine increased concentration arises from the fact that the kidneys try to compensate the lack of moisture.

Abnormal shades urine

What does the color of urine - scheme ( Eng. )

What does color of urine - a diagram (. English)

urine color red

Urine red

Urine red

absolutely anyone surprised and even scaredif the urine acquires a red tint, especially if the color saturation is different.As a rule, such a phenomenon - a sign of a disease in which the blood in the urine or hemoglobin fell.Such diseases include:

  • glomerulonephritis;
  • occurrence of kidney stones;
  • oncology bladder or kidney;
  • hemoglobinuria;
  • hemophilia;
  • lumbar injuries or penis.

Glomerulonephritis can be an independent disease, or one of the investigative complications that cause lupus.In the acute form there is at least a strong vascular permeability, the result is a deterioration in filtration and urine entering the red blood cells.Thus the urine may have a red color, and the color of raw meat.

One of the manifestations of urolithiasis - the formation of kidney stones.Very often in the ways of the blood supply they can get into the bladder or ureter.If calculi (stones) have sharp surface, it injures the mucosa, and urine fall in blood particles.Often, blood in urine a symptom of renal colic ambulances.

Bladder Cancer considerable time may not cause any symptoms.The decomposition of the top films of the tumor blood can get into the urine.The symptoms that accompany in this case is - fever, weight loss, and difficulty in urination.

Important: if you noticed in his urine red, on very soon seem better physician who will prescribe additional treatment and testing.

urine is dark in color

Dark urine is cloudy

Dark cloudy urine

Typically, Grace or dark color influences the amount of fluid intake: the longer it is, the lighter the color.Additionally, the dark color may be caused by exposure to certain toxins and cause disease.

diseases and conditions causing dark urine:

  • increasing number urohromatov that give dark color as a result of dehydration;
  • consumption of pharmaceutical products as quinine, rifampicin, nitrofurantoin and metronidazole;
  • additional or enhanced intake of vitamins C and B;
  • cholelithiasis complicated by hepatitis;
  • excess of the normal number of red blood cells;
  • poisoning mercury vapor;
  • tyrosinemia;
  • infection of the urinary tract;
  • cancer urinary cavity;
  • concretions in the gallbladder;
  • kidney disease, including kidney stones and cancers;
  • hemochromatosis, caused by an excess of iron;
  • polycystic;
  • liver cancer and pancreatic cancer;
  • vasculitis;
  • alcoholic and viral hepatitis;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • cancer of the bile ducts;
  • Goodpasture's syndrome;
  • dietary factors;
  • schistosomiasis.

In addition, the color black urine, can occur when mechanical liver injuries.

opacities in a dark urine

If the dark color of urine is accompanied by the presence of haze, it is most likely indicative of kidney stones.If you have this symptom, you should rather turn to a nephrologist.If an abrupt change in urine color was of short duration, this fact should not be a cause for concern.But preventive urine does not become superfluous in the clinic.

Home to see to it that the color change was not accompanied by the following processes:

  • constant desire to "go in the small";
  • fever, fever, excessive sweating;
  • abdominal pain;
  • urine has a pungent smell of acetone.

If there is at least one similar feature, you should not self-medicate and wait until symptoms will pass by itself.Timely initiated therapy will identify possible causes and start measures for their effective elimination.

Dark urine during pregnancy

Pregnant girls should not immediately panic if urine color became dark.In pregnancy, even the most innocuous factors could lead to such an effect.Very often dark urine of pregnant women seen after sleep, when there is a morning emptying of the bladder.The color change in this case occurs at higher concentrations.The following urination and reduce the concentration of, usually, urine considerably lighter. If urine changes color to a lighter, it is best to consult a specialist patronage.

Urine brown

The palette of colors of urine

urine color palette

Urine brown tint may appear as a consequence of the use of large amounts of beans or rhubarb.The same effect can be caused by the use of most drugs against malaria, as well as inflammation of the urinary tract itself.Cascara or sulfur which contains antibiotics or purgative formulations provide stable brown urine.

Rich brown urine may occur in diseases that are associated with liver disease: cirrhosis or hepatitis, as well as this indicates malfunction of the kidneys that can not handle the removal of toxins.

Urine pink

saturation of urine pink color in a healthy person may occur in the use of the following foods:

  • red beets,
  • black currants (if any acid reaction of urine),
  • rhubarb (alkalinereaction),
  • carrots in very large quantities,
  • blackberries,
  • cherry,
  • products with the addition of red food coloring (soft drinks, candy, etc..).
Urine pink

Urine pinkish

Also, the urine may be pink after the use of pharmaceutical products, which include:

  • aspirin acid;
  • ibuprofen;
  • Purgenum or phenolphthalein means;
  • aminophenazone;
  • rifampicin and other

Abnormalities of the urinary tract, which are characterized by the appearance of pink urine:

  • cystitis;.
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • vasculitis with renal impairment;
  • urolithiasis;
  • cancers of the bladder, ureters and kidneys;

pink hue of urine caused by a small hit blood, and similarly red.Saturation depends on the amount of blood that is present in the urine.Cystitis - a reason which pulled women is very common.Haemorrhagic form of the disease, in addition to a pink-colored urine, accompanied by a strong increase in the temperature of pain in the kidneys and the lower abdomen.In addition to blood clots can be urine mucus, pus or film.

pyelonephritis is a disease in which there is inflammation of the urinary tract, increases vascular permeability, and blood cells enter the urine.Pink color of urine is accompanied by the usual symptoms of toxic lesions:. General inflammation of the mucous membranes, headache, fever, etc. Also, if the disease is diagnosed high blood pressure, causing swelling.

important : if available, any signs of inflammation, it is advisable to address to the doctor, which will reveal all the causes of the disease and methods of combating them.Self-medication in this case, can lead to serious complications and longer treatment.

products, coloring the urine pink

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Blue color of urine

greenish or blue urine - this is a very interesting and rare.The appearance of a color generally associated not with damage to the genital or urinary organs, and with the presence of infection or internal communication.A striking example may be a violation of metabolism of tryptophan, or the presence of Pseudomonas infection.It called tryptophan amino acid compound that is present in large quantities in salmon, tuna, chicken breast, turkey, shrimp, beef. urine bluish color - a rare pathology, but to agitate it should not, as a rule, such a phenomenon takes place itself.

to other causes include:

  • contrast agents, which are used to detect kidney stones, may color urine blue or blue color.Furthermore, the use of food coloring lead to the same result.
  • Use the tetracycline group of antibiotics can cause a similar reaction in diabetics.
  • psevdomanadoy disease (Pseudomonas -.. Latin)

If there is change in urine color, to determine the cause, you must first eliminate all possible external conditions and physiological nature.For ascertaining the causes will require a urine test in a clinical setting using specific chemicals.The combined research will with great certainty to draw conclusions about human health on the basis of the color of urine.

containers passing urine

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Video on the analysis and the color of urine with Elena Malysheva

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