What is pain in the abdomen, it is known to everyone.Many periodically tested in this area discomfort in childhood.In adulthood avoid this a symptom of many diseases can not be practically no one. What are the causes of abdominal pain and what to do if they occur?Even a slight malaise of this kind can signal progression to severe disease.Therefore, an urgent medical consultation or even the call "ambulance" - is what is needed in the first place.However, it does not always have the opportunity to appeal to physicians, and not always in pain are so abrupt, to call in the "ambulance."In these cases, it is useful to try to determine what signals your body that way.


  • 1 Character pain
    • 1.1 Spastic
    • 1.2 inflammatory
  • 2 diseases, which may indicate abdominal pain
    • 2.1 structure of the human abdominal cavity(gallery)
    • 2.2 Appendicitis
    • 2.3 Cholecystitis
    • 2.4 scheme abdominal palpation (gallery)
    • 2.5 Peptic ulcer
    • 2.6 Pancreatitis
    • 2.7 Gynecological disease
    • 2.8 irritable bowel syndrome
    • 2.9 heart disease

character pain

pain in the abdomen can have a different character.


Quite severe pain caused by muscle spasms.It may last from a few minutes to hours.In severe spastic pain people sometimes can not even move. state helps facilitate the heat on his stomach in a warm heating pad or cloth and reception antispasmodic.


reason - the development of inflammatory changes in one of the internal organs.Pain of this type initially blurred, but then increases and is often accompanied by a rise in temperature.Antispasmodics here will not help, and the pain medicine to take in this case is impossible. If you suspect that the development of inflammation in one organ, you must call the doctor as soon as possible.

diseases, which may indicate abdominal pain

structure of the human abdominal cavity (gallery)

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If you are concerned about painstomach may thus itself indicates one of the following diseases:


When inflammation of the appendix sharp or dull pain may cover the entire abdomen.But the most severe pain in the navel area.Most often they give up the right flank.The stomach becomes tight, tight, there may be a rapid pulse.Often the temperature rises.Man with developing appendicitis can be difficult to walk, talk, cough, since all this reinforces the pain. cause "fast" with such symptoms must be as soon as possible. Before arrival of the doctor to the right side of the abdomen can make ice, take nothing.


characterized by the appearance of a dull pain after eating for gallbladder inflammation.It feels right - in the side or under the ribs.Nausea, vomiting, a person feels a bitter taste in the mouth.Such symptoms say it is an inflammation of the gallbladder, not the presence of stones in it.In the latter case, the pain of others - is very acute, unbearable.How to be? To the doctor, and only to him. should be evaluated to make an ultrasound.Treatment will be assigned only after that.

scheme abdominal palpation (gallery)

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Peptic ulcer

If the abdominal pain is bothering you when you're hungry, or a couple of hours after a meal, and theyconcentrated in the umbilical region and are accompanied by belching, heartburn, it is possible to suspect you have the presence of gastric ulcers. confirm or exclude the diagnosis is possible using a gastroscopy, so in this case, a visit to the doctor is required, and can hurt self. For suspected peptic ulcer disease is also appointed by abdominal ultrasound, laboratory diagnosis is performed.Your doctor may suggest that you test for bacteria that cause ulcers, - Helicobacter pylori.Treatment of the disease involves medications and diet.


If you feel the aching pain that seemed to surround the area of ​​the navel, are concentrated in the left upper quadrant, it may indicate the presence in the pancreas of chronic inflammation.Usually after eating fatty or acute pain bothers more.If the disease is in an acute stage, connected vomiting, constipation, sudden deterioration of health. an urgent need to seem gastroenterologist. doctor will refer you for an ultrasound, blood tests for glucose, pancreatic enzymes.Therapeutic treatment in this case is also based on the reception of medicines and compliance with a strict diet.

Pyramid nutrition

Pyramid nutrition in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Gynecological disease

Drawing pains, which are located in the side or the abdomen, accompanied by secretions, can talk about the troubles of the sexual sphere.It may develop inflammation of the appendages or other disease progresses, so should be examined by a gynecologist.
With the dramatic nature of the pain, the appearance of dizziness or loss of consciousness of the patient to be near people should call the "fast" immediately.
Such symptoms may indicate the presence of a cyst rupture or bleeding, occurred as a result of an ectopic pregnancy.

irritable bowel syndrome

This state is now concerned about the increasing proportion of the population in developed countries, the female part of which suffers much more.Its characteristic symptom - pain morning, appearing after a bowel movement.The attack is so acute that people literally folded in half.And then passes not repeated throughout the day. When such pain helps infusion of mint or peppermint drops solution. But you need to see a doctor, because only an expert can help you get rid of this condition.

heart disease

If on a background of general weakness, increased heart rate and reduce the pressure you feel pain at the top of the stomach, nausea, immediately call "ambulance."These symptoms may indicate that there was a myocardial infarction, and delay here can be very dangerous .

Any pain in the abdomen - it is an occasion to see a specialist.symptoms described above will help you get oriented to what is necessary to address the doctor in the first place.If you are unable to determine what may be associated pain, visit a therapist.He will tell you what you need examination.