Cough - one of the most common symptoms of respiratory diseases, is a protective reflex, the center of which is located in the medulla oblongata.Is it always the same it?An experienced doctor on sonority cough can determine not only the localization of the pathological process, but also the stage of the disease.
The most common symptom of this classification consists of two items:

  1. dry;
  2. wet.

There are transitional options when coughing during the day can change your character.From the sound, you can determine what kind of respiratory tract struck.
are also important features such as the patient's status at the time of cough, sputum amount and type (if any), pain and other related symptoms.

Diagnosis of cough in children and adults


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  • 2 Causes cough
  • 3 Treatment of dry cough
  • 4 treatment of wet cough
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dry and wet cough

2 - dry cough Almost any pathological process, which involved mucosa, passes two stages: dry and wet.What does it me

an?With the introduction of the pathogen in the mucosal wall of the inflammation begins to develop at the expense of release of toxins.At this point you can see the redness, the patient observes himself burning, dryness, if a bacterial infection is also a pain.At this point, the cough is dry: no mucus, but there is stimulation of receptors.
There are a few cases where there is a dry cough without an infectious component, such as a foreign body or tumor.There is a mechanical stimulation of receptor fields (sensitive) and implemented by the cough reflex.
But it does not last long.To the site of inflammation are sent to cells, causing the immune response to the introduction of the pathogen.These cells - white blood cells, depending on the type of pathogen - neutrophils or lymphocytes.Then begins a large-scale changes in the mucosa.It becomes edematous, secretion is enhanced and there is a large amount of mucus.At this point it becomes moist cough.Wet cough attacks occur in a generally horizontal position and at the transition to the vertical.This is due to the usual physical phenomenon - the force of gravity.Accumulated mucus begins to drain and irritate receptors.
intermediate option occurs when the mucous discharge appears, but it is thick and viscous.In this case the first patient a series of unsuccessful cough shocks, which replaced an expectorant phase.

Causes Cough Cough

just one of the symptoms, to solve the problem it is necessary to know the cause.Unfortunately, the reason for this symptom is enough.

  1. most common cause of cough - an acute respiratory virus infection.It viruses are the most toxic microorganisms which rapidly penetrate into the mucous cells and cause response in the form of inflammation and irritation receptors.
    3 SARS Rhinitis - localization process and in the nasal mucosa.Pronounced swelling of the lower nose shell is hampered not only nasal breathing, but also the separation of mucus.Then the excess secretion runs down the back of the throat, affects the sensory endings and causes the cough reflex.Such cough in sonority is more like a dry, because in fact there is nothing to expectorate.

Pharyngitis and nasopharyngitis - localization in the nasopharynx.In addition to the discharge from the nose to the process joins a secret, which is produced by the mucous membrane of the pharynx and which accumulates in the folds of the anatomical respiratory tract.
Laryngitis and laryngotracheitis - processes that involve the larynx and trachea.Cough in these cases long enough to dry, in addition marked hoarseness or no voice, as the vocal cords suffer.When tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea) cough echoing, perhaps, by the sound of the loudest, accompanied by pain.In early childhood laryngotracheitis may be accompanied by stenosis of the larynx - a life-threatening condition that requires immediate hospitalization.After
dry cough humidified stage (a lot of phlegm) and then moves to recovery.
Bronchitis - quite a serious disease of the bronchial tree, always bilateral and accompanied by a cough.And last long enough dry, painful.Then a long period of wet cough, worse after sleep and a change in body position on the vertical.

  1. second place bacterial infections, which, in principle, affect the same sections and features are the same, except for the type of discharge when coughing moisture - purulent sputum (yellow, greenish, lumpy, sticky).In addition to more pronounced intoxication syndrome.
    most of bacterial pneumonia in this country.Differ unilateral disease, always with accompanying cough and severe intoxication.Duration and the private nature of the cough depends on the amount of destruction of lung tissue and the type of pathogen.
  2. 4 TB Tuberculosis.Unfortunately, in our time, the incidence of this disease is quite high.In fact, it is a special case of pneumonia, but with the features inherent to this pathogen.Cough long dry, sometimes marked only coughing.During the collapse of the lung, wet cough with sputum and blood veins.
  3. Pertussis.This is the variant, when the disease process is localized respiratory system.This pathogen attacks the nervous system, including affecting the cough control center.It is in this disease a painful, dry, incessant, spasmodic, usually occurs reprises, which are replaced by stop breathing at height of an inspiration.It is extremely dangerous for children up to 2 years.
    Prolonged cough provokes inflammation of the nose and throat, to which a secondary infection can join.4 - pertussis
  4. Bronchial asthma - a disease caused by bronchial hyperresponsiveness.When the provoking factor occurs spasm and swelling of the bronchial tubes, which leads to coughing and choking.At the moment of attack, the patient takes a forced situation, often sitting.
  5. Cancer.The tumor may be both in the respiratory system, and in adjacent organs and tissues.Cough is caused by compression and irritation of the receptor zones.
    When asthma attacks , patients with asthma should always have an inhaler
  6. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.This pathology is more common in smokers and residents of large, environmentally unfriendly and cities.The changes in the bronchial tree in this case is irreversible and cough alternately dry and wet hurts the patient to death.
  7. foreign body.Cough - a reflex, which is aimed at the expulsion of interfering and causing its components, whether sputum or object.Most often, this problem occurs in young children - can never be ruled out that option.

This is only a brief overview of the possible and most common causes of this symptom.

Treatment of dry cough

Naturally, the main treatment is to remove the cause, but also on the need to cough himself to work.Dry cough is necessary as soon as possible to transfer in the wet, so all treatment will be based on the moisture.

inhalation for the treatment of dry cough
During this period stands as much as possible to use the liquid: tea, water, teas, milk and honey.Either option would be appropriate only drank more.This will not only change the nature of the symptoms, but also help in the fight against intoxication.
can and should be done with the inhalation of water or saline solution, the more often the better.Also help irrigation and gargling if the cause at this level.There are a variety of syrups with herbal extracts (eg, licorice root), which help to translate into a wet cough.If
agonizing cough, paroxysmal, spastic, it suppressed, as to anything good this will not tear.If whooping cough is one of the items of therapy used for the infection antitussive central genesis.

wet cough Treatment

2 - productive cough wet cough suppressing can not be, because it is a natural process of the expulsion of phlegm or mucus that is produced in large quantities in the second phase of the disease.It is important to help this process.How?It is necessary to thin the mucus.Again help
inhalation, but now you can add mucolytics.And change the syrup to the ones that are relevant at this stage.It should also continue to drink plenty of fluids.In some diseases, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, useful postural massage, promotes the evacuation of sputum of lower respiratory system.It is important to continue the treatment of the underlying cause of the disease.And after it carried out the rehabilitation and strengthening the immune system activities.
Cough is not such a simple sign, it can tell a lot and be a sign of a serious problem.With long-term preservation of its access to a doctor is necessary.In children, any such symptom hike occasion to call a specialist clinic or at home.

Video about the treatment of cough