What can testify to the appearance of protein in the urine of the child?First, expression of protein in the urine suggests a number of diseases. It can be an amyloidosis, and diabetic renal glomerulosclerosis, presence glomerulonephritis, thrombosis in the kidneys, presence of hypertension and congestive kidney.Also, protein in urine may indicate interstitial nephritis and pyelonephritis, as well as of urolithiasis and gouty nephropathy.The formation of protein in the urine could serve kaliypenicheskaya kidney and manifestation of acute tubular necrosis, as well as the Fanconi syndrome and proteinuria overflow.Other reasons for the formation of protein in the urine: myoglobinuria and myeloma nephropathy, as well as, hemoglobinuria and lizotsimuriya.

All of the above diseases indicate the existing kidney problems as well as problems with the urinary system.

Thus, functional proteinuria - is not a pathological condition that can manifest itself in children literally the first days of their lives

.Even an ordinary overfeeding your baby breast milk can cause proteinuria.Other causes can be a stressful situation for the baby, as well as hypothermia and nervous disorders, allergies.Elevated temperatures may also affect the protein level.However, traces of protein in the urine remain even after the infection is considered to be transferred.

functional nature Proteinuria does not need special treatment, because it needs only in a temporary treatment.

In which case it is necessary to sound the alarm?If the index is greater than 1 g / l, then we are talking about moderate proteinuria.Expressions are considered indicators of proteinuria with 3 g / l and above.Normal also are records from 0,033 to 0, 036 g / l.

Exceeding the normal figure, it is important to immediately consult a doctor.He immediately send you to retake tests for greater reliability.However, the results of these analyzes must decrypt only the doctor who sent the kid on inspection.


  • 1 How to collect urine in children for tests on protein?
  • 2 increased protein in the urine of men
  • 3 protein in the urine of pregnant women

How to collect urine in children for tests on protein?

The way in which the urine is collected for analysis, will be very important.After all, it will help to get the correct results.Thus, in a container for delivery of the analysis, as well as in urine, in any case should not be exposed to extraneous, alien substance.Therefore, it is necessary to comply with the following requirements:

  • Before commissioning the analysis, it is important to thoroughly wash the genitals of the child, using soap (preferably a child), and also, a weak solution of potassium permanganate.So, after washing, should remain in the soap, cotton wool and other bodies on.
  • Sterilize container for delivery of the analysis.
  • time that must elapse from the time of collection of children's urine for analysis at the time of analyzing itself, shall not exceed three hours.
  • Urine should be stored only in a dark place, which can be, for example, the refrigerator door.
  • Collect urine after sleeping baby at night.Portion to be average.

If you treating doctor maintains its singular specificity analysis, it must give you advice regarding the analysis on its methodology and explain how best to collect urine in this case.

increased protein in the urine of men

elevated levels of protein in the urine of men also need to be given special attention.Of course, first of all, increasing protein in the urine of men can talk about problems with the kidneys, urinary organs.But also an increased protein can talk problems in the reproductive system.And it is important for men.Therefore, if at the time the urine test, was discovered a protein, it is important to visit several doctors for advice and possible dignostirovaniya disease.First of all, you need to visit a nephrologist - a doctor who treats kidney problems.Also, it is important to visit the urologist, who will be able to identify or eliminate the inflammation of the reproductive system of men and prevent the terrible diseases.

protein in the urine of pregnant women

In pregnant women, as a rule, the protein is normally absent.It can be reduced or on the contrary, too high.There are minor variations of existing indicators due to the increased load on the kidneys in the process of carrying a baby.After all, bear a child - not an easy task, thus doubling the load on a number of internal organs, which now have to not only protect the "owner", but also a new life.It works in a stronger mode and urinary system, as the kidneys remove toxins and the final decay products.In this case, the process applies not only to the parent body, but also to the body of the child.

So, if the body to cope with this function can not because of some inflammatory processes in the genital and urinary systems, the protein begins to appear.For example, inflammation processes can talk about frivolous, wrong attitude to the health of women, as well as on the possible presence of chronic kidney disease, which can occur even before the pregnancy itself.If during pregnancy protein was overestimated, after delivery, the girl may worsen cystitis and pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis.

increased protein in the urine in medicine is called proteinuria.If, at the time a laboratory analysis has been found elevated protein in the urine, the patient should at least periodically, but to carry out repeated tests.So it is possible to trace how the changing dynamics of the protein level, as well as determine whether this increase only or, on the contrary, is permanent.Indeed, it often happens that during pregnancy increased protein could be detected once, for example, after suffering stress recently physical or overvoltage, and, upon receiving a medication or dietary excess protein.

What can provoke the appearance of proteinuria in the process of carrying the baby?First of all, it may be diabetes and hypertension, as well as kidney infections and heart failure, polycystic kidney.However, the most dangerous condition is preeclampsia.The disease can occur during pregnancy, and also dramatically disappear after delivery.The main danger here is that the pregnant woman may not be aware of is that preeclampsia develops in her body, because apparently there are no signs of a disease.The main symptom is only one - an increased level of protein in the urine.

Due to the fact that in step oliguria pregnancy can be observed, the percentage of proteins, at times, may be about 10-12 percent.This is also the albuminuria, which occurs often in the second half of the resultant pregnancy and postpartum - disappears.This albuminuria, which according to the known data, found in 20 percent of cases in the last months, should not be compared to that which occurs in the early stages.After that albuminuria, which is evident in the early months, is rather a pathology (eg, at a toxicosis).Watch albuminuria may in diseases that are associated with vena cava by displacement (bottom), just above the place where her fall renal vein.

to functional albuminuria also include protein expression in the urine when a person suffers from allergies, as well as, in many blood diseases, for example, when birmerovskoy anemia and leukemia, chlorosis.Blood transfusions may also contribute to this.As well as neurological disorders and mental illness, epilepsy (usually after a seizure).Reduced levels of protein also provokes irritations of the reproductive system, and retention of lactation in mothers, as well as, when salt-free diets ah and acidosis.

However, do not talk about that, if revealed in an inflated degree of protein in the urine, it is a kind of anxiety.It would make sense only when the diagnosis was performed several times with the tracking of blood pressure, and the toilet of genitals has been carefully carried out before collecting urine.It is also important to analyze it, to dishes for collection analysis was clean - this is one of the main requirements.If these requirements are met, then we can talk about the correctness of the analysis.