White blood cells found in the urine - a sign of inflammation, which may result in the kidneys and genitals, the urinary system.Understand where appeared in urine leukocytes, help is only examined by a doctor.This is a must do, it is no dolechennye diseases can cause very great harm to the human body.


  • 1 What is the rate of white blood cells in human urine?
  • 2 How do you know whether the leukocytes sign of any disease?
  • 3 White blood cells in the urine of children
  • 4 What are the reasons, in addition to the above, can trigger the appearance of white blood cells in the urine?
  • 5 How to treat?

What is the rate of white blood cells in human urine?

Urine corresponding normal white blood cell count should be up to ten 1 l.For men, this figure should be in the range from zero to three, women - from zero to six leukocytes that are in the process of, after examination under microscope.Leukocytes must not affect the color of urine or on its transparency.How to

determine the number of leukocytes in urine are?Carry out the process of centrifugation, and where available is determined in the urine sediment.Treat the precipitate under the microscope, and then, it is determined whether or not the white blood cells therein.If you look at white blood cells through a microscope, you can see that these cells are round, their core is outlined clearly.Often, the white blood cells are glued to one another to form a group.In recent years, thanks to the emergence of new equipment, research carried out not by hand, and using special equipment.

How do you know whether the leukocytes sign of any disease?

At the beginning of any disease, the number of white blood cells in the urine sediment gradually rises to high levels.If the number of white blood cells increased, the urine becomes turbidity, and on the bottom of the vessel may fall heavy loose sediment.

increase in the number of white blood cells called leukocyturia, and shows it on the inflammation of the kidneys and genitals, as well as in the urinary system., Which was taken using a catheter directly from the bladder In order to put a more accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to carry out the re-examination of the urine.

During acute inflammation, the cells of renal origin of white blood cells will have one core.At the same time, those white blood cells that are in the urinary tract will have multiple cores.If the kidneys are degenerative disorders, or the same exchange, the leukocytes can be seen fat connection.

greatest number of white blood cells, characterized by renal origin can be found in kidney inflammation (pyelonephritis).Less - when glomerulonephritis, which themselves represent kidney disease infectious-allergic nature.The fact that allergic inflammation is characterized by nature, can tell the presence of eosinophils that may accompany allergic process.

White blood cells in the urine of children

main symptoms that are important to immediately take into consideration if you suspect an infection, it is a violation of urination, which is characterized by difficulties and sharp pains, as well as palpitations.Even a slight change in color can be a signal about the disease.Pay attention to the consistency of urine, because when a child increased urinary white blood cells, it will be noticeable special muddy sediment.In addition to these factors, the presence of infection can say symptoms such as fever or, on the contrary, chills;pain all over the body, and nausea / vomiting.

Typically, urinary tract disease in children, or with bladder problems are easily cured.The usual method of curing such diseases - a short course of antibiotics consumption authorized for children.Such a course could suppress all the symptoms that accompany the infection, as well as contribute to the good result of the analysis of urine.Note that the re-analysis is extremely important in order to certainly determine whether the treatment was successful selected medicines.

Sometimes, after detection in urine increased number of white blood cells and bacteria, your doctor may prescribe another analysis - analysis on urine culture, by which one can detect the presence of malicious organisms and their effects on the body.This analysis is important for the upcoming treatment, because some bacteria have a so-called resistance to many antibiotics, which are usually prescribed by doctors for the purpose of curing urinary tract infections.A urine culture will help you choose a medicine for the complete destruction of the bacteria.

What reasons, in addition to the above, can trigger the appearance of white blood cells in the urine?

addition to infectious diseases urinary tract and kidneys, increase the number of white blood cells may contribute to pregnancy, which is considered the norm.This is due to sharply increased hormone activity.However, even during pregnancy, the level of white blood cells should not be increased constantly.Norma are only periodic variations in performance.Otherwise, it may indicate an infection.

Perhaps such a thing as hematuria - the presence in urine of all the elements of the blood.The cause of hematuria may be a tumor or trauma, urolithiasis, as well as prostate hypertrophy, or the presence of foreign bodies in the urinary system.

For frequent suppression manifested urge to urinate can substantially reduce the activity of the bladder.As a result - a complete emptying of the bladder becomes impossible, begin to breed all sorts of bacteria and spread the infection.

How to treat?

choice of treatment should proceed on what is the main disease.Typically, the treatment of infections with antibiotics.However, at the same cystitis is not always assigned to treatment with antibiotics, because symptoms may disappear after a couple of days, but you can speed up treatment at home, using traditional methods.When the disease is cured, leucocytes immediately returns to normal.

But, it is better to prevent the disease initially, observing all the rules of hygiene and are constantly strengthening the immune system.