word "periodontitis" is derived from the derivative Ā«odontosĀ», which means - a tooth.The disease is characterized by inflammation of the membranes of the roots of teeth and located near the tissue.The main cause of periodontal disease is considered to caries or getting infections from the root canal into the hole at the top of the root.As cases of periodontitis may occur after the treatment of caries, however, we live in the twenty-first century, and the likelihood of getting the disease in this way is practically zero.


  • 1 Symptoms of periodontitis
  • 2 As periodontitis is formed?
  • 3 How to determine the presence of periodontitis itself?
  • 4 Treatment of periodontitis
  • 5 antibiotics for periodontitis

Symptoms of periodontitis

The main feature of the disease - is the appearance of gradually increasing pain withsigns in the pulsation chamber disease.Most sick restricts itself even taking liquid food between teeth brings untold suffering.As a characterist

ic feature are deposits on reddened, swollen and painful mucous.Desna becomes soft and pliable when pressed, can bleed.Satellites periodontitis often fever and halitosis.When such symptoms specialist intervention is necessary.

As periodontitis is formed?

Most often, the bacteria is the culprit of such symptoms, get in the periodontium on root canal with pulp, which gives impetus to the beginning of the inflammatory process.However, the formation of periodontitis and other possible reasons: the excessive presence of arsenic is in the tooth cavity, sepsis, trauma.

Periodontium and its components are rich in receptors that respond to the increasing pressure of periodontitis, hence the appearance of pain.The inflammatory process gives "propotevanie" component of the liquid.If the liquid leaves on the root canal of the tooth, the pain is not so noticeable, and as a result, is formed chronic periodontitis.In other cases, the patient receives an acute periodontitis - to start serous and later purulent.

Yourself determine the presence of periodontal disease?

self-diagnosis of the disease is easy to do.Pain always makes it clear, where the body fails, and that means it's time to visit the doctor.The disease is no exception, if you can not touch and even have a tooth to give up eating because of pain, this is the first sign of periodontitis.Often the tooth begins to stagger, swollen gums and even the cheek and neck.All this is accompanied by a rise in temperature.And to develop the beginning of the disease for a long time, inflammation of the tooth itself has gone beyond its limits and covered cloth, are nearby.

With this insidious disease is not necessary to suffer and do the treatment at home.It is fraught with complications such as severe sepsis, purulent inflammation processes of the face and neck, jaw osteomyelitis.Periodontitis can occur after unsuccessful treatment, when the damaged tissue around the tooth, after sealing or after the injury when the patient tried to bite too hard foods.

Chronic periodontitis is characterized in that the tooth tip inflamed slowly, gradually, and all symptoms were held in blunted form.But this condition is also not pleasant.Various bacteria that nothing prevents to live and reproduce continuously around the teeth produce toxins.These poisons year working on the human internal organs after year provoke diseases of the joints, kidneys, of course, the heart.

Treatment of periodontitis

It so happened that in our country of dental treatment, many associated with intolerable suffering, and the trip to the dentist is delayed until such time as the pain will not spoil life to the extreme.Most likely cause of this error was the poor quality of service dentistry Soviet times.But today things have changed.Domestic dentistry is not in place, dental treatment was less painful and more pleasant procedure.Modern disease diagnostics system technology, methods of treatment, prevention and pain relief funds raised Russian dentistry to the western level.Now do not be afraid of dentists, and only having periodontitis symptoms should contact a doctor as soon as possible.

method of treating a disease determine the extent of spread of the infection and the way of its penetration in the periodontium.If the fault was the intoxication of drugs inflammation, or the injury, is appointed special mouthwash.These procedures use a hypertonic solution, a solution of potassium permanganate, baking soda dissolved in boiling water and herbal teas.

for virtually all forms of the disease starting treatment becomes removal of plaque and tartar and treatment of the root.Oral care several times a day.Every two weeks, the patient should see a doctor, and then - once every three months.When shallow pockets, the treatment is prevention and careful hygiene.

antibiotics for periodontitis

Parodont - a fabric that can be considered as supporting the tooth element, for example, the alveolar wall of tooth ligaments and gums.And periodontal inflammation - a familiar sight, especially in the adult.Antibiotics are used for treatment of destructive periodontal disease, the presence of necrotic gingivitis and periodontal abscess and for prevention of surgical complications.

deeper pockets (below 4 mm) involve topical application of antibiotics.Commonly used tetracycline 250mg four times per day - 10 days.You can use the thread containing tetracycline, doxycycline or gel strips containing chlorhexidine.Preparations are placed in the tooth pocket, then dissolve, the thread is removed at the doctor 7 - 10 days.

Perhaps removing pockets and bone reduction to pocket size remote surgically.Or in some cases the surgeon conducting the operation for bone grafting, to adjust the size of the alveolar bone.To eliminate the traumatic consequences of the ability to selectively restore the already lost teeth and tire patch.This is carried out constant monitoring of common diseases.