Migraine is called a strong cluster-type headache, that is arising spontaneously and is localized in the area of ​​one eye.Attack such pain may continue for a long period of time.The causes of migraine can be many: increased intracranial pressure, fatigue, respiratory disease, brain tumors, inflammation of the brain membranes, eye disease, frequent reception of any drug, etc.

Usually the appearance of headaches is not a reason for specialist treatment.Get rid of them help the various drugs that are available for sale.The best-known today for migraine pills are considered to be aspirin and tsitramon.Last recommended to take the drug for a headache with low blood pressure.In general, aspirin is a means of wide spectrum of action.It lowers fever, analgesic, has a positive effect on the heart and reduces the risk of stroke.However, aspirin, like all drugs, has a number of contraindications (peptic ulcer, asthma, diabetes) and side effects (nausea, abdominal pain, skin rash), and therefore take it

to be, no more than twice a weekexceeding a specified dosage instructions.

achieve a significant reduction in migraine help antihistamines that do not contain an analgesic component.For example, sumatriptan.From pharmacies such tools available on prescription, they should be taken every four hours, without exceeding the daily norm.

painkillers used to eliminate severe headache (Nurofen, solpadein, pentalgin) tend to quickly cope with its main task, however, their effect may be short.Generally these painkillers are considered the worst remedy for migraine.They repeated intake over a short period of time is addictive and leads to lower sensitivity threshold.Analgesics do not eliminate the disease, and only provide short-term relief.

In order to cure a migraine, you need to know its root cause.Often as an additional medication to get rid of headaches, doctors prescribe antidepressants, which have beneficial effects on specific brain substance.Their method allows to struggle with chronic migraine.Coping with an unexpected twinge makes a drug like ergotamine.It would seem, with antiemetic here?The fact that a part of the components of the drug promotes the expansion and contraction of blood vessels of the brain, resulting in pain ceases.For the treatment and prophylaxis of migraine may also be administered drugs from the triptan group, have a positive impact on the blood supply to the brain.By the side effects of these drugs include drowsiness, decreased performance, dizziness.

often to deal with severe headache used methods and traditional medicine.Most of them came to us from the times when there were no pharmacies, and all diseases treated with the help of herbs.In cases where the cause of migraine is the narrowing of blood vessels of the head, it is recommended to use natural carrot juice.From chronic migraine helps eliminate beaten in boiling milk fresh egg.Drink a cocktail followed by several consecutive days in the morning.

safest means to get rid of headaches are considered herbs.Most of them are completely safe, in extreme cases, pose no threat to human life.Copes with spasms and migraine attacks chamomile broth.Buy its main ingredient may be in any drugstore.For greater ease of use it is recommended to buy powdered chamomile flowers, packed in small bags (like a normal tea bags).One such package chamomile pour boiling water (200 ml) and infused for half an hour.Further, a package with grass goes in the trash.Ostuzhennoy decoction is taken orally for half a cup twice a day or as a compress.In the latter case, soaked in the broth of herbs bandage is applied on the forehead and left it for half an hour.

Eliminate the symptoms of migraine helps infusion of lemon balm and peppermint.Herbs are taken in equal amounts (2 tablespoons), pour 200 ml of normal vodka and infuse it in a cool place (14-17 days).At the first sign of migraine it is recommended to lubricate the data extract whiskey or take it inside on 20 drops per day before meals.

helpers in the fight with a headache can be a variety of spices that are available in the kitchen every housewife: bay leaves, chili powder, ginger and garlic.For example, bay leaf applied as follows: 2 sheets filled with 200 mg of boiling water and infuse.The cooled and filtered decoction should be drunk during the day.

recipe for getting rid of headaches without medication, there are many, but it should not make experiments on their health and try all means in a row.Some of them can lead to tragic consequences.For example, many sources for getting rid of migraine is recommended to use 10 drops into the turpentine.In fact, such a "drug" causes severe poisoning.Headache while, of course, will take place.However, whether treatment that harms the whole body ...

most popular ways eliminates the headache, but their main action is not immediately noticeable.If a strong anesthetic can eliminate unpleasant symptom for an hour, a decoction of chamomile to help soothe the pain only after 8-12 hours after use, however, it is not addictive and does not cause harm to the body.In the event that any folk remedies or medications do not help to get rid of migraines, should be examined in the clinic.Chronic headaches can be a troubling symptom of a dangerous disease.